Another hypothetical - WWYD

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Another hypothetical - WWYD
Sun, 09-20-2009 - 1:19pm

What Would You Do?

What would you do if you learned that people in high places have known for many many years that vaccines cause GBS (Not Strep B), Autism, SIDS, Allergies and more? What would you do? What if your teen got GBS after her vaccine to supposedly protect her from a sexually transmitted disease AND your newborn passed away after receiving his vaccine for a sexually transmitted disease? What if those two events occurred, and then you learned the truth. You learned about Ghost Writers and how your own government will pull numbers out of a hat whenever they need numbers to validate their money-making schemes. Numbers – which are usually based on estimates, later used in studies to validate their money-making schemes. If you’ll pay attention, you’ll notice that the makers of the vaccines are the very ones who design the studies. (Studies which use those made-up numbers). In other words, the studies are designed with the outcome in mind. They are usually carried out by the same people. And who’s money is tied up with those who *publish* the results? Well the very same folks of course!

What if you learned all that?

What if you had those two vaccine injuries happen and then you learned all that? (Remember though, doctors are still telling you that your healthy newborn just up and died...nothing at all to do with the shot he got a few hours earlier. Who would you sue and would it bring your child back to the healthy state he\she was in prior to the vaccine? Would you sue your government? That’s a joke! And what you don’t seem to understand is that laws have been passed whereby the government has LONG done taken away your right to sue a vaccine manufacturer – Shhhhhhhhhhhhh ! They did it why you weren’t paying attention! For just a minute…wonder about it. Ask yourself WHY the government would protect these high-income manufacturer’s.

And then imagine finding out that the disease for the vaccine that killed them is one that your teen NOR your newborn would have ever contracted – ever. At least in these cases the diseases are not even fatal. Babies have so little chance of getting Hep B when their mother’s don’t have it… Teens who are acting responsibly have such a minute chance of contracting the disease (again, a disease which is not usually fatal) that MIGHT cause cancer that MIGHT become fatal.

What would you do? Because there are plenty of parents out there who no longer have their babies or young teen daughters because they did not survive this so-called “prevention” of a disease that most likely wouldn’t have killed them in the first place!!! Even if a young girl does survive GBS then what kind of life will she lead? Was it really worth the vaccine? No? Well that's why you should teach her to protect herself from Cervical Cancer in the same way she protects herself from AIDS!!!