Any reaction to MMR?

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Any reaction to MMR?
Tue, 06-09-2009 - 10:38am

Hi ladies!

My son is 12 months and he's scheduled to receive the MMR shot at 15 months.

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Tue, 06-09-2009 - 1:16pm

I would be cautious of your docs advice.


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Tue, 06-09-2009 - 3:47pm

I almost didn't open this post. I was worried that you were asking because your child had heart sank!

We can't tell you what to do. I'll tell you how I feel about it though. Both my children are neuro-typical but I've learned a lot about vaccines because my brother was severely brain damaged after one vaccine.

My daughter has never had a vaccine. I gave my son the MMR at age 4 (first dose) and I never gave him a booster after that. He had a few vaccines up until then, but only some of the ones I had as a child, all were delayed. I didn't trust the chickenpox vaccine because it was too new at the time, but I ended up being a victim of bullies and gave him the new vaccine anyway. He got both the chickenpox vaccine and then he got the worse case of chickenpox in history. I've been on the internet talking about vaccines since the late 80's when I spent my days in the library. I have heard the chickenpox story over and over but never as bad as our story. I may have made his illness worse by giving him back to back Tylenol and Motrin for his high fever. Years later I've learned about the dangers of NSAIDS and Tylenol...they don't mix well with certain diseases, or vaccines. (Search this forum for more posts about it.)

I personally believe that measles, mumps and rubella are hardly even circulating in current day times. Even if they were circulating, it wouldn't be anything like the way they circulated long ago in a very different environment. But even if my children got those three, I would be glad that they got them and built natural immunity while they were children. The alternative would be getting the diseases during childhood because the vaccine waned.

"2) What reactions did you see, if any, to the shot?"

Very high fever that did not respond to the dosing, redosing and overdosing of Tylenol and Motrin.

"My son is allergic to egg, but I've been assured by the dr. that the egg in the vaccine is not substantial enough to cause a reaction."

What other vaccines has he had so far? Has he had a lot of antibiotics? I'm curious why he would have the allergies and if he were born allergic. I'm fascinated with allergies lately :).

Here's some links about measles, mumps and rubella, it's all factual and can be verified - and not meant to scare you. It is what it is though. Some refer to peer reviewed articles, some are opinion pieces but based on facts. They are not all from the typical anti vaccine sites either.
(the entire thread is a great read)

Like I said, it is your decision. There's lots to consider but I prefer my child get the natural disease and not the vaccine. You may see it differently, even after reading all these, but at least you would be well informed in making your decision. :)