Are rich people just being trendy by not vaccinating?

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Are rich people just being trendy by not vaccinating?
Thu, 08-22-2013 - 1:42pm

That's what the author of the following Slate article is proposing: 

Seitz-Wald interviews some experts like Nina Shapiro, a professor at UCLA, who notes that anti-vaxx sentiment is "a little bit of a trend." She describes it as "I’m going to be pure and I want to keep my child pure." But that doesn't quite get at why there's such class differences here, since presumably people of all stripes object to the notion of poisoning their children and therefore are vulnerable to propaganda that paints vaccinations as poisonous. I'd posit that refusing vaccination has become something of a status symbol, a way to distinguish your special snowflake from the herd. It's in line with other trends of varied inherent value, such as putting your kid in a private school, not allowing him to ever eat trashy "kid" food like hot dogs or macaroni and cheese, or forbidding her from engaging with pop culture.

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What do you think?

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I suppose you could say its a trend, or it could just as easily be that people have more access to information than before. The Amish are not "rich", but they have never vaccinated. 18 years ago when I had my first one, I had no idea that there was even a choice whether or not I could opt out of vaccinating her, you were told to do it by your doctor, you were told they couldn't go to school if they weren't, and just as the chicken pox vaccine was coming out when she was 5, even though I had my doubts about it, I was told that she could easily die from the chicken pox, so I felt much more pressured to go ahead and do it. I think now it may be moreso about being educated, asking questions and doing your research and making the decision, not just following along with the herd.
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Yes, that's me.. just 30 years ahead of the trend, but rich beyond belief! LOL

I agree, that some are just following a trend... but some of us have done our research, and have valid reasons to refuse vaccinations. So now I can be sued if someone else's child gets sick due to my unvaccinated child, even though that child was vaccinated?

What if that child IS vaccinated but still gets sick, and makes my child sick? That's the risk I have to accept.

But if my child dies because I got him vaccinated, I have no resourse...

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I think it is more of a stupid Hollywood trend rather than just "rich people" in general.  Around where I live, many earth-mother types with modest income are also against vaccination and main-stream western medicine.