Are Vaccine Titres the Answer?

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Are Vaccine Titres the Answer?
Tue, 04-29-2008 - 2:41pm

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny
Are Vaccine Titers the Answer?

By now, everyone has read about Hanna Pohling, the little girl with the mitochondrial disorder that will go down in history as the first case in which the U.S. government publically admitted a connection between vaccines and autism.

Many different reasons are being bantered in scientific and medical circles as to why this has happened. Mitochontrical disorders are more pervasive than they thought; some think as many as 30% of all children. Some circles are even starting to suggest that too many vaccines really ARE being given, and some vaccines are given needlessly. Some have started to suggest that a fingerstick test to check for vaccine antibody levels, called titers, should be developed to see if children are "immune" so they don't receive unnecessary extra doses or boosters.

I have suggested checking antibody titers for years to see if booster shots are needed. It would be even better if titers were tested after EVERY SHOT, instead of blindly assuming that three are need to develop what is called a "protective antibody" level. Would that decrease the number of vaccines given? Yes! And that would be a good first step in the education process: Getting people to understand that vaccines just aren't necessary for health.

But everyone in research and medical circles seems to have forgotten their basic physiology and immunology. The mere presence of an IgG antibody, labeled by doctors to mean the person is "immune" means squat in the real world. It doesn't mean the person won't get sick. Even the medical journal Vaccine reported in 2001, "It is known that, in many instances, antigen-specific antibody titers do not correlate with protection." REF: Vaccine. 2001 Oct 15;20 Suppl 1:S38-41.

The presence of an IgG antibody means the body has been exposed to an antigen. Period. Proof that it fails to protect abounds. In some cases, an IgG antibody can mean a chronic infection is present, NOT an "immune person." And excessively high IgG antibodies floating around can lead to chronic disease through mechanisms molecular mimicry.

Any idea how much it would cost to fund a study of, say 300-500 unvaccinated children and compare the rate of mitochondrial disorders -- and other health problems -- to 300-500 vaccinated children? Finding the unvaccinated kids would be pretty easy; I get emails all the time from parents offering to put their healthy, unvaccinated kids in this kind of study.

Who would be qualified to do the study? Where could it be done? If Generation Rescue could do it's landmark study for about $100k, you'd think that the CDC, with its $26B budget for the vaccination program, could pry loose some dollars do to this.

But the CDC won't do this type of research; they don't want to know the answer. The Generation Rescue study was criticized by the CDC because it was a phone survey, and yet, the CDC does (and publishes the results) of phone surveys all the time. Yet another of their disgusting double speak.

The Industry will do anything to deny that their poison 'holy water' is causing harm. They call it "protection; " I call it the Religion of Vaccination, a 200 year mistake that continues to damage and cause harm. If hundreds of thousands of injuries were occurring due to any other class of drugs, there would be an outrage from physicians. Because it is "alleged damage" and it is from a vaccine, doctors poo-poo the problem and deny vaccines are causing harm.

The medical community will not look at the autoimmune reactions, will not look at the disruption to the neurological mechanisms, will not accept the fact that these diseases were mostly gone before vaccines, will not look at the fact that just a generation ago measles, chickenpox, etc. were considered "normal childhood diseases" and perhaps the Creator had them here for a reason.

No, instead, we have to vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate because it is more important to eliminate the RISK of infectious disease than to examine the trade off that is occurring: autism, allergies, asthma, ADD-ADHD, cancer, RA, etc etc etc. Our kids (and now adolescents and adults) have become the repository for products of PHarma, and often against our will.

Lest I come off as not adamant enough, I will say here that vaccines are the economic loss leader for Pharma....make them sick in the name of "health" because the REAL MONEY is in the drugs and tests need to dx and treat what we have caused.

The CDC, IOM, ACIP and even pharma are on the ropes and they know it. Too many activists, too many highly informed and highly educated parents out here now, demanding answers, demanding that the carnage stops. The "experts" are running like mice in the light; to let them off the hook now with nice-nice language and placations would be the next crime against humanity.

And one last comment: There is no such thing as a Green Vaccine. Even injecting "only" the virus or "only" the a part of the bacteria can cause serious problems.

We have to get past the idea that being "anti-vaccine" is a "bad label." We need to start saying, "I've looked at the evidence. I'm anti-vaccine because I'm smart and informed. I'm against vaccines, and I'm PROUD of it. I will not be marginalized, because I'm right!"

My new book, "Saying No To Vaccines: A Resource Guide for All Ages", will be out in about 3 weeks. I'll keep you posted!

Dr. Sherri (for titer information)


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If you're interested - contact Sheri. (not sure if you've ever spoken with her before - great lady!)

I don't know if she has something going or knows if anything is planned, but... maybe????


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They may be a partial answer.

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Thanks for your input. They "may be" a partial answer, they "may not", as we all know that antibodies do not equal immunity.