"Delayed immunisation/risk of pertussis"

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"Delayed immunisation/risk of pertussis"
Tue, 04-22-2003 - 11:42pm
"Delayed immunisation and risk of pertussis in infants: unmatched

case-control study"

Cameron C Grant, Mavis Roberts, Robert Scragg, Joanna Stewart,

Diana Lennon, Denise Kivell, Rodney Ford, and Rosalie Menzies

BMJ 2003;326 852-853


"Pertussis remains a severe disease in infants. As about two thirds of infants with pertussis are admitted to hospital, factors that seem to be associated with an increased risk of pertussis may in fact be associated with an increased risk of hospital admission. 1 2 The admission rate for pertussis in New Zealand is five to 10 times higher than in England and Wales and the United States.3 We determined whether immunisation reduced the risk of admission to hospital for pertussis by comparing infants admitted with pertussis and infants admitted with other acute respiratory illnesses....


Delayed immunisation is a specific risk factor for admission to hospital with pertussis rather than being a marker of infants at increased risk of admission to hospital for any acute respiratory illness. Improving on-time delivery of immunisations can be expected to decrease the admission rate for pertussis in New Zealand."


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