Do you think Piers Morgan got sick from his flu shot?

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Do you think Piers Morgan got sick from his flu shot?
Fri, 01-25-2013 - 3:06pm

I saw this story on Facebook and immediately thought publicity stunt, but I could be wrong.  Dr. Oz gave Piers Morgan a flu shot and after assuring him that you can't catch the flu from the shot, he felt ill a few days later:

It could just be a coincidence that he had a sore throat and not feeling up to par, he could've already had a virus in his system.  I'm only finding non-vax sites talking about it, so wondering what everyone thinks of the story.  Maybe I just don't like Piers Morgan so tend to be distrustful right off the bat! 



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I have not heard of the story at all, but they say that it takes 3 full weeks after vaccination for the affects to fully work, so he could have easily already had it in his system.  It could have also been another virus, unless they verified that it was in fact the flu, there have been several news reports lately that there are actually 3 different "sicknesses" going around right now, the flu, the norovirus, and step, but since doctors aren't testing people, most people are assuming its the flu which makes it looks like the numbers of people with the flu is actually inflated.  Lastly, he could have easily gotten sick with one of the flu strains that weren't covered by the vaccine.  I'm not a fan of the flu shot or vaccinations in general, but not every can be blamed on the vaccines, sometimes it just happens...  Now if he had gotten the flu mist, that would be different since the mist does actually contain small amounts of the live flu virus.

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The flu shot debate always makes me laugh as I am one of those that doesn't get the shot, and occasionally I get the flu. But I make my kids wash their hands when they come home from school so as to help minimize the bringing in of germs.

There is no way the flu shot can prevent all the different various strains of it out there, it is a hit and miss kind of thing. But we can all minimize our getting it by washing our hands frequently and eating healthy to keep our immune systems strong.

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I doubt Piers Morgan got the flu because of the flu shot ~ it doesn't contain the live virus. I always get the flu shot and have never had symptoms. Same with my children. These days, they usually produce enough flu shots and a lot of flu spray. But I remember the terrible panic several years ago when the flu was everywhere and we called several doctors/pharmacies for the shot. I won't go thru that again ~ early vaccination gives me piece of mind and has almost 0% risk.