Does anyone remeber the "roll out"...

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Does anyone remeber the "roll out"...
Wed, 05-06-2009 - 12:15am

of the chicken pox vaccine?

I do. I was a teenager, and I was babysitting for a nurse's two kids. They were in bed and I was flipping channels, and stopped on the news. They talked about the new chicken pox vaccine and how it was invented because it's so inconvenient for working parents to take two weeks off work when their kids get it.

Fast forward to when I have children and there are b&w full page ads in all of the parenting magazines of a crying teddy bear or rubber duckie and "Sadly 40 children die each year from the chicken pox"... (Side note: Ya, and do you have any idea how many die from the vaccines? And which 40 kids, exactly? 40 kids with AIDS? Did we all forget that chicken pox is incredibly survivable?)

My how quickly we forget. It was not invented because of how many kids die, but because of how inconvenient it was to essentially parent. News flash: after more than a decade of parenting, I am yet to find any aspect of child rearing to be "convenient". If you want a convenient life, I recommend not having children!

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Wed, 05-06-2009 - 10:58am

Good one - and one where a vacc status is quite irrelevant.


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Wed, 05-06-2009 - 4:30pm

Unfortunately, we live in a society where people think that the gov should make everything convenient. They can afford cell phones for every member of the family and those outrageously priced sneakers, but they can't afford a health insurance policy (???). They shouldn't have to pay for their health, they think they are entitled to it using money paid by tax payers...INCOME tax payers.

God how did we get here??? If we somehow magically had the numbers of chickenpox vaccine failure...we would all be so outraged! The vaccine fails more often than we'll ever know. And then to top it all off - not everyone gets the disease!

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Wed, 05-06-2009 - 7:44pm

Heh~well, unfortunately, the tragedy is when the c.p. vaccine DOES work. It is highly effective, compared to some other vaccines and that is turning into a health crisis all it's own.

Shingles are going to be an issue in these vaccinated people, which are far, far more dangerous than chick pox is...and they are now finding that those of us that have natural immunity, from actually having the disease, must be exposed to varicella to maintain our immunity..(thanks for screwing me and mine up with you and yours!) and another discovery they are finding is that for some reason, the varicella virus living in our guts seems to keep the meningitis bacteria in check.

Chicken Pox or Bacterial meningitis...hmmm.....what is worse...let me think. Yikes.

The first group of c.p vaccine kiddos are the ones that started the whole rash of meningitis in college, which then prompted a vaccine for that~ where will it end?

Hey, I've got an idea! How about we breastfeed, wash hands, eat right, drink water and manage stress & just enjoy overall good health, instead of band-aiding the water leaks in the chemistry version of health!

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Thu, 05-07-2009 - 12:31am

Somewhere around 1993 when ds#2 was born.


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