Dr. Sears: Make an Educated Decision

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Dr. Sears: Make an Educated Decision
Wed, 05-07-2008 - 10:17am

La Leche League of Southern California and Nevada Conference 2005 presents Immunizations: Making an Educated Decision for Your Child

Dr. Bob Sears, MD

Dr. Bob: Ok! Well, let me turn this off. Hey everybody! Can you hear me back there? Good? Is this a good level of talking? All right!

Well, thanks for coming to the talk today. The, uh, this is kind of a tiring talk to give because it’s almost like a college lecture. It’s really a lot of medical information, scientific information. ..(hi sweetie! She’ll make it more interesting. ) Ok, so bear with me, I’m going to try it make it a little more interesting and upbeat and occasionally funny. If you think I said something funny, I did. I mean, don’t wonder...was that funny?..Go ahead and laugh because that breaks it up, and it’s a real kind of tedious topic to get to.

All right. So let’s jump into this. Vaccinations. This is the shot schedule that your kids are supposed to get as it stands right now. Your five shots every couple of months in the beginning and then two or three shots after that all throughout the first year and half of life. Um, I’m going to basically take you through all those shots and then ask you five questions about each one of those shots.

Basically is the disease that the shot protects against, is that disease common? Is the disease severe? Are the vaccine ingredients safe? Is the side effect profile safe? And, is the disease a public health risk?