Dtap shot decision or sign waiver HELP!

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Dtap shot decision or sign waiver HELP!
Fri, 08-28-2009 - 12:19pm

I stopped vaccinating my son after a bad reaction to a series of shots at his 1yr ck up (Chicken pox, MMR are two of the three given at that time) He has since been diagnosed with Apraxia. My son is now three and will be starting a special ed. program at the elementry school.

We have to make a choice before Sept 2nd (that's when to ped. appt is) to get the Dtap shot or to sign a waiver before school starts. I've heard from a mom in my area that the health dept. has mercury/thermisol free vaccines due to the amount of people coming in. I didn't 100% understand that. I hear so many stories about children being affected by the vaccines and besides the obvious I just want to know for sure... these people stop all vaccines from there on? Or do you just stop the obvious harmful vaccines?

If you have stopped vaccinating altogether, did you sign the waiver? Does your state still threaten you after that? Do you have to explain why along with signing the waiver?

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Mon, 08-31-2009 - 11:42am

"I didn't 100% understand that."

Many people are convinced that the thimerosal is what causes brain damage. So they demand that the doctor orders vaccines without it (I did, but now I know better). In the case of a few vaccines, the thimerosal was left out. Many shots don't - and have never contained thimerosal. Those same vaccines have caused brain damage just like the ones with thimerosal. That is why I suspect its more than just thimerosal causing the brain damage.

I'm so sorry your child has Apraxia, it's a nervous system disorder, just like most of the disorders caused by vaccine damage. The myelin sheath is not mature when they begin vaccines. It plays a very important role in the central nervous system. I don't fully understand that, maybe someone who does will correct me or add to it.

If I'm not mistaken, I've seen that word "Apraxia" as a side effect on a vaccine package insert or two...but your doctor won't tell you that. You should read the package inserts yourself and see what you feel comfortable with.

In my opinion, a shot for Tetanus is needed if you think you'll be wounded and won't have access to emergency medical care...as in the military. Otherwise, I choose to insure that my kids boo-boos get cleaned well.

I have never heard of diphtheria occurring in this country, in this day and age. I'm sure it has, but it's extremely rare today. Kinda like some of the other diseases that died-out. Some died-out without a vaccine so we can't claim that all vaccines reduced all disease. But your doctor will have you believe otherwise.

Pertussis (whooping cough) is very dangerous. A baby, an elderly person, or young child may not be strong enough to survive it. Neither of my children had the vaccine for Pertussis. They are 10 and 4 and very healthy so I don't worry. I don't wish it on them, but I don't worry about it too much. We've all been exposed a few times and have never gotten it. Maybe some people don't get all diseases? WE are all different after all.

Back in the early 70's my brother began having seizures within hours of the DPT. The doctors blamed it on the Pertussis portion of the DPT. My brother's "mental retardation" (what they called it back then) sure does resemble today's "Autism". They changed the makeup of the DPT shot to make it more safe (DTaP). But the only difference I can see is that the "Autism" is not as severe as it was back then.

We homeschool but the shot record is not my reason to do so. The academics and social atmosphere is. However, when my partially vaccinated child went to Kindergarten, the state had no problem with my vaccine waiver. They can't have a problem with it --- it's the law in GA.

If I had to do it all over again, he wouldn't have gotten the few he did get. And he probably wouldn't have severe allergies today either. My never-vaccinated daughter is very healthy and has no allergies. If I could find children with allergies who were never vaccinated I might think differently but I've looked and asked for decades now - with no luck.

I've never heard from any parents that their never-vaccinated child died from SIDS either...

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I stopped all vaccines and submitted a religious exemption. Both aluminum and mercury are in the vaccines, both are neurotoxins, and that's just 2 of my concerns. Vaccines artificially stimulate the immune system, repeatedly, in the first years of life, and that I believe leads to auto immune disorders, a hyper responsive immune system.


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Daffodil2009, I agree %100 with your concerns. I have chosen NOT to vaccinate my children at all.