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Homeopathic Vaccines
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I found this on facebook and felt that others would benefit from it.

From VINE -

My homeopath friend Jeannette sent me this information concerning so-called "homeopathic vaccines":
Homeopathy is based on "Like cures like." So, if there is nothing there to prescribe for, then homeopathy does nothing, as a remedy would cause nothing to happen.

When a child is however exposed to something, and the immune system gets to work, even though there are no outward symptoms initially, something is brewing internally. That is when a homeopathic remedy can be helpful, e.g. when there is an outbreak of measles in the community.

If/when the child is exposed and the immune system shifts into gear to defend the body, then a homeopathic remedy will assist the body in this process. If there is no exposure then the remedy will do nothing because there is nothing for it to do. So-called "homeopathic vaccines" are therefore pointless, and not homeopathy in the true sense of the word, as their use is not in keeping with homeopathic principles.
From the album:
"Homoeopathy" by Vaccination Information Network (VINE)

Here is a link one poster offered -



Here are the responses from Sheri Nakken (which is what made me post this):

I TOTALLY disagree with using homeopathy in this way - here's what I say and also some others - very long

so-called "Homeopathic Vaccinations"

There are several out there who advocate mass homeopathic 'vaccination' - used routinely.

I DON'T agree with this in this way. All of the homeopaths I know and respect and study with DO NOT agree with this approach.

If a disease is nearby and you are at risk and you are really concerned - ie smallpox, polio, etc, then often homeopathy can be used temporarily in that instance. I have already posted information on homeoprophylaxis in that type of situation.

That is NOT this.

Here are the things you can do for the threat of an acute disease in an epidemic:
1. Wait and treat on the individual symptom picture that you have or develop - THIS IS THE BEST
2. Find the genus epidemicus (I have/will post more on this). This is the remedy that seems to fit most of the people in your area in THIS particular
instance of the epidemic (not last years or in the past, but this one) NEXT BEST
3. Use nosodes or remedies that have worked in past epidemics THE LEAST DESIRABLE

Each of the above has its applications depending on your situation. It is also good to have a homeopath to work with on this.

I give you this information so you know about it, but again I DON'T agree with this.-

Isaac Golden
Isaac Golden

My comments to someone on vaccinations list questioning this...........

Based on Dr. Golden's statement above, his approach and specially his attitude appears to me to be commendable and quite respectful.

And it is in error in my opinion and those I study with and know.
And I will speak out every time I see this type of thing posted. I cannot be silent. You of course can do what you will.

If you really comprehend homeopathy and its laws and principles it would never enter into your mind to do such a thing. The list of things he gives children is appalling to me. How does he know it prevented an illness - children are exposed to things all the time and don't get them - chicken pox, pertussis, colds, flu, etc. I just don't believe in disease and germs and bacteria and viruses as allopaths and it appears Dr. Golden do. It is
not about preventing all of the supposed 'diseases'. Symptoms are just the body's way of dissipating a disturbance. A group of symptoms is classified by allopaths into a tidy name such as pertussis. But your 'pertussis' and my 'pertussis' may be something totally different - a few similar symptoms
but many different. The different ones are often the key to prescribing a homeopathic remedy IF needed (and I say IF as it is not always). He may have so disturbed these children's vital force or immune systems, that they could not produce symptoms which is not good - just one possibility. If you understood the POWER of these remedies you would NEVER do such a thing.

I take a remedy with EXTREME caution - am not quick to take them as I KNOW from experience how powerful they are. It is ludicrous for a homeopath to think in such an allopathic way.

I encourage you to study homeopathy and you would understand what I mean.

It is the same in my opinion as a doctor or person:
1. Thinking that they'll take antibiotics preventatively so they never get sick - an allopath would object to that Classical homeopaths object to so-called homeopathic vaccination

Do you think a medical doctor should just go along with that idea just because one other medical doctor thinks it works. Just because a parent wants to do it. Do you think a classical homeopath should just go along
with the idea of 'homeopathic vaccination' just because one person who says he's a homeopath says you should and just because a parent wants to?

No, there are laws and principles to homeopathy just as there are in nature. You jump from a third story window, you will go down and not up. Law of gravity. It is the same with homeopathy. You just can't make it what you want to. Granted, we don't know everything about how homeopathy works and certainly new viewpoints are worthy of looking at but the idea of
'homoepathic vaccination' is just NOT homeopathy. Is just not viable for the long term for sure, and more than likely for most for the shortterm.

If I can say one thing that is important, and I've said it again and again, you have to research enough about vaccines, disease, alternate views on disease, alternate view on life, programming and brainwashing of us, etc. to finally come to the conclusion that bacteria and germs and viruses DO NOT cause disease. They are the result of disease or the problems that are associated with 'them' are the result of disease.

Once you GET this, you don't have a fear and you don't feel a need to prevent things in this way.

Some of Jim West's stuff is very helpful.
From one homeopath who I highly respect - one of the BEST homeopaths in the US in my opinion (in Maine)

Another question. You know I'm constantly working with parents on vaccine dangers and teaching them about homeopathy. One frustration I have is the constant thing being brought up about
homeopathic 'vaccination' and Isaac Golden, etc.

I just describe this as a "me-too" attempt at mimicking conventional medicine. That the whole concept of generating artificial immunity to a disease belongs to allopathy, & not to us. & That what we *do* have, all of our own, are (1) homoeoprophylaxis - short-term interventions to assist the
body in making the most functional response possible to the disease, but not to side-step around the process of developing the kind of natural immunity that only embracing and effectively dealing with the real disease can offer; and (2) effective means of addressing these childhood diseases with acute homoeopathic treatment, should they require that.

Most folks who come to me wanting "homeopathic vaccination" want something to satisfy third parties - schools, camps, grandparents. So that it can be written down as meeting somebody else's requirements. Informing them that the "authorities" will not accept this as a substitute usually diverts the question.

Will Taylor, MD
homoeopathic website at


And from another one of my mentors............

Another question. You know I'm constantly working with parents on vaccine dangers and teaching them about homeopathy. One frustration I have is the constant thing being brought up about
homeopathic 'vaccination' and Isaac Golden, etc. I will send you some of my comments. Do you have anything written up or anything to suggest to say to show them this is not how classical homeopaths think.

No I haven't written anything. I just describe it as an allopathic approach to using homeopathic remedies and that there is no evidence that it works.

Steve Waldstein RSHom (NA)
Classical Homeopathy, Inc.
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Web: http://homeopathy-cures.com

Sheri Nakken Vaccinedangers
and more
This is from David Little, a homeopath I highly respect and have learned lots from http://www.simillimum.com/

He wrote this on the homeopathy email list I was on as I was STRONGLY disagreeing with Isaac Golden and his protocol Excellent Sheri ******
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Dear Homeolist,

There is an old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Hahnemann applied a similar maxim to Homœopathy. In the footnote to aphorism 73 the Founder says, “Scarlet fever found its preventative and curative means in belladonna”. The source of this information is Hahnemann’s Lesser Writings.

"Who can deny that the perfect prevention of infection from this devastating scourge, and the discovery of a means whereby this Divine aim may be surely attained, would offer infinite advantages over any mode of treatment, be it of the most incomparable kind soever? The Remedy capable of maintaining the healthy uninfectable by the miasm of scarlatina, I was so fortunate as to discover." (The Lesser Writings of Samuel Hahnemann; S. Hahnemann (Dudgeon Edition), The Prevention and Cure of Scarlet Fever, page 377.)

Hahnemann’s skill with the group anamnesis was tested by the Asian cholera epidemic. He selected three main remedies for the miasm, Camphor, Veratrum Album and Cuprum Metallicum. He used these same remedies to prevent cholera in the healthy. Hahnemann wrote a very clear description of his methods in is work, Cure and Prevention of Cholera.

"The above preparation of copper, together with good and moderate diet, and proper attention to cleanliness, is the most certain preventive and protective remedy; those in health should take, once every week, a small globule of it (Cupr. X ) in the morning fasting, and not drink anything immediately afterwards, but this should not be done until the cholera is in the locality itself, or in the neighbourhood." (The Lesser Writings of Samuel Hahnemann; S. Hahnemann (Dudgeon Edition), Cure and Prevention of Asiatic Cholera, page 755.)

Hahnemann prepared one pill for administration by mixing it with a small amount of water in a spoon. The 30C potency was given once a week. A remedy chosen by such a group picture is called the “genus epidemicus” In this sense it represents the essence of the disease. Hahnemann’s technique of collective repertorization for acute epidemics provides the homœopath with a specific materia medica for the treatment and a clinical guide for the prevention of acute and sub-acute miasms. The directions for evaluating a group simillimum are found in aphorisms 100, 101 and 102. Notice that Hahnemann in his included in his preventative approach good diet and proper hygiene, etc..

The key to finding a specific prophylactic is constructing a clear picture of the prevailing epidemic. Hahnemann did not give a prophylactic remedy unless there was a clear and present danger of contracting the disease. This is why he said to wait until the disease is in the near or in the locality. He did not want the general populace to take preventative remedies out of fear and phobia. Dread of the miasms have woven themselves so deeply into the collective human psyche that it invokes archetypal fears as seen in Lyssophobia. This is where the terror of getting a disease leads to psychological disturbances and can even psychosomatically mimic the symptoms of the disease! Nether the allopathic doctor nor homoeopath should succumb to such exaggerated fears by given too many medicines.

The proponents of universal vaccination use this primitive fear as a scare tactic to spread immunization. Some parties are imitating the allopathic program for universal vaccination with homœopathic remedies. This means an infant is placed on several years of genus remedies and nosodes on request. This assembly line approach pays no attention to the constitution, temperament and predispositions of the individual nor the true statistical danger of infection. Why imitate the mechanistic formations of the allopaths when Homœopathy is a vitalist healing art? It is best to educate the patient about the ungrounded basis of their fears through proper education. There is another way to approach prophylaxis in infants, children and adults.

There are three major methods of homœoprophylaxis:. These are the constitutional approach, the genus epidemicus remedies, and the nosodes. All of these methods are very effective and can be used together according to the time and circumstances.

1. Constitutional Prevention

The study of preventive medicine should begin with an examination of the diathetic constitution, innate temperament and predispositions. The genetic blue print holds the key to predispositions. The foundation of prevention is the remedy for the chronic disease-Gestalt that is selected by the essential nature of the totality of the symptoms. Constitutional treatment removes the susceptibility to infectious miasms as well as strengthening the vital force. The chronic remedy provides the best general protection from all diseases. This method is the central strategy of Homœopathy because it removes the greatest number of predispositions. L. J. Speight quoted Doctor Pulford on the subject of predisposition.Dr. A. Pulford wrote:

"No disease will arise without an existing predisposition to that disease. It is the absence of the predisposition to any particular disease that makes us immune to it. Homœopathy alone is capable of removing these predispositions." (Homœopathy and Immunization; L. J. Speight, page 3.)

The effectives of constitutional treatment in the prevention of manifold diseases can not be denied. Why put the an infant on a 5 year schedule of that includes many, many specific remedies when *global treatment* will remove the very predispositions to manifold infectious diseases? Anti-miasmatic treatment in the early years of life prevents manifold diseases. Susceptibility to acute miasms is based on the chronic miasms. If we treat the chronic miasms we remove the predispositions to acute miasms and their complications. Those that suffer the most from the common childhood infections like mumps and measles have psora or some other miasm. Anti-miasmic treatment makes the human organism more immune to infectious disease.

So why delay a global prevention by doing manifold specific remedies for years for diseases that the is statistically very little chance of suffering? Homeopaths should educate the parents about the nature of constitutional prevention to help remove any unnecessary fears. If there is a clear and present danger specific prophylaxis can be used complementary to constitutional treatment at the right times. Parents are just as relieved of their fears by such a program as giving manifold remedies.

2. Genus Epidemicus Remedies

The second method of prophylaxis is the genus epidemicus remedies. These remedies are chosen by the totality of the symptoms of an epidemic as reflected in a group of patient. This offers specific protection against epidemic, endemic and pandemic diseases. For example, homœopaths in India have confirmed that Lathyrus Sativa is an effective genus epidemicus remedy for polio. The signs, befallments and symptoms of Lathyrus have a close correspondence to this disease.

"Homœopathic physicians are satisfied that they have very safe and better polio prevention in Lathyrus Sativa when properly given." (Homœo Prophylactic Remedies; Sethi.)

3. Nosode Prophylaxis

The third method involves the use of the nosodes that are made from the same or similar disease genus. The homœopaths who worked for the public health departments of the USA gained great experience with the use of nosodes against smallpox epidemics. In August 1974 in Guarantingueta, Brazil, a major epidemic of meningitis threatened the countryside. Homœopaths gave 18,640 children Meningococcinum 10C, and 6,340 children were used as controls. The statistics of the two groups were compared in Vaccination, A Review of their Risks and Alternatives, by Isaac Golden.

Sheri Nakken Vaccinedangers
completion of above....
The statistics of the two groups were compared in Vaccination, A Review of their Risks and Alternatives, by Isaac Golden on page 122. Out of the 18,640 children given Meningococcinum 10C there were 4 cases. Out of the 6,340 children in the control group there were 34 cases.

The above study shows the positive potential and minimal cost of a mass public health program based on a single homœopathic remedy. Any simple health care worker can be trained to assist in such a program. Genus epidemicus remedies and nosodes are used to provide specific prophylaxis. The genus remedies can be found for new or unknown miasms. The nosodes can only be used when the cause of the disease is known. When epidemic diseases threaten the population, specific prophylactic remedies can be applied immediately. Specific protection is useful when one is traveling in areas with dangerous endemic miasms. The homœopath may also use specific protection when treating epidemics to offset exposure. Constitutional and specific prophylactics are a functional polarity that completes our therapeutic treasury.
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Personally, I can see no practical reason for imitating the allopathic immunization program with homoeopathic remedies. If the homoeopath treats the constitution, temperament, predispositions and miasms in the first five years of life they will prevent manifold diseases that may be suffered in later life. It will *prevent* much more than just the miasms for which vaccination is given. Consistent chronic treatment will prevent cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other common chronic diseases in later life. This is something allopathic and a pseudo-allopathic approach to homoeopathic prophylaxis can not prevent. If the child is supplied constitutional prophylaxis during the early years, and during this treatment there appears a clear and present danger of infection, then one can use complementary specific prophylaxis for those epidemics. If there is a clear occupational hazard of inadvertent exposure specific prophylaxis can be provided at this time. After the danger has passed the patient can be return to constitutional treatment of their predispositions, chronic diseases and miasms. This is the best of both worlds.

Sincerely, David Little