How much is TOO much?

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How much is TOO much?
Fri, 08-29-2003 - 12:30am
I am not really here to debate but need some info.

My son (now 14 months) got VERY behind on his shots because he was sick all winter. He was born last summer and only got his 2 month shots. After that he was constantly sick (they think he has asthma). He had pneumonia twice and alot of wheezing all winter.

So, on June 30th of this year they gave him 5 shots in one day. Tomorrow I am supposed to take him back for 4 more. That means he will have had 9 shots in a 2 month time period. Is this safe? Should I space them out more? Maybe get one or two tomorrow and then wait a couple of months for the other 2?

Thanks in advance!


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Fri, 08-29-2003 - 6:49am
which shots would he get?

We spaced the shots by a month when my son was up for his MMR and last DTaP,IPV,Hib,hepB and went for the latter first. If your son really has asthma, you want to take care of the pertussis part first.


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Fri, 08-29-2003 - 1:26pm
Hi Tracy -

There are clear guidelines from the CDC regarding how shots are to be spaced. Here are the "rules":

Physiologically speaking, the immune system can handle an enormous number of immunizations on any given day. For most, giving 2 months between shots is sufficient. How many are given at once is really up to you and your child's doctor. Personally, I'd prefer to give no more than 4 shots at a visit - but would rather get it over with rather than spreading it out of several weeks.

FYI - If you were just looking for vaccine info and/or had another question, I might suggest the Vaccine Support board. Here's the address:

HTH - Eve