Interesting Info about Smallpox Vaccine

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Interesting Info about Smallpox Vaccine
Tue, 03-23-2010 - 5:08pm

I thought this was interesting. It was a discussion on Facebook. I had asked if some countries were still vaccinating for smallpox. This was the reply I got:

Dana, the WHO declared smallpox officially eradicated in 1979 and vaccination was abolished in all countries, although in e.g. Germany, vaccination against the disease wasn't abolished until 1983. Overzealous health officials feared smallpox may return if vaccination was stopped. Dr Buchwald was called to testify to the government. He made it clear that there was no danger of this happening and vaccination was consequently halted.

Countries holding stocks of smallpox virus for research purposes in their laboratories, namely the USA and Russia, were then urged to destroy them, but this never happened. It was therefore feared that terrorists may get hold of the smallpox virus for use as a biological weapon. Smallpox vaccination production was consequently resumed and health professionals were asked to get vaccinated against the disease, so as to be protected, should an attack eventuate. There were however severe reactions to the vaccine, including - if I remember correctly - two deaths. Health professionals consequently refused the get vaccinated, forcing the programme to a halt.

Google 'health professionals refuse smallpox vaccination.'


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Wed, 03-24-2010 - 2:17pm

This is old news. It began with the military first, then broadened to EEP's. Halted on the civilian side because of unforeseen consequences, but maintained within the military.