It's Volunteer Appreciation Week!

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It's Volunteer Appreciation Week!
Thu, 04-23-2009 - 12:55pm

I hope you all will join me in showing appreciation to our wonderful volunteers at iVillage. These boards just wouldn't be the same without our great Community Leaders!

Tash, thank you for all that you do!!!

Please keep an eye out in your email for another note from me. :)


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Fri, 04-24-2009 - 9:38am

Yay Tash.

Thanks for being a level head.


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Fri, 04-24-2009 - 10:55am
Thank you Tash - you do wonderful work!
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Fri, 04-24-2009 - 4:36pm
Yes thanks a million Tash!
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Sat, 04-25-2009 - 4:53pm
Awwwww thanks everyone :)