Marine Claims Brain Damage from Vaccinations

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Marine Claims Brain Damage from Vaccinations
Thu, 12-13-2012 - 1:32pm

A man is suing the Department of Health and Human Services after he became disabled.  He believes that he was harmed from vaccinations he had to take to be in the military: 

After graduating college he was determined to become an officer in the US Marines, but during officer candidate school everything changed.

"I was given 7 vaccinations and I got sick. I had a fever and could barely tie my boots. I had a seizure."

At 23, Justin's officer dreams were cut short as he was rushed to the hospital in Bethesda for symptoms he claims were caused by the vaccines administered.

"I have brain damage."

You can read the complete article at:

What the article doesn't reveal is the types of vaccinations he had from the military and his vaccination history.   He turned down an initial settlement, do you think he standds a chance at winning in court?  Do you think the miliatary should be allowed to require vaccinations?

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Fri, 12-14-2012 - 2:32pm

I'd like to see what proof he has that they caused brain damage. I know there are risks to vaccinations, but think that there could be some underlying problem in his health that is the cause.