Military and Anthrax vaccine question

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Military and Anthrax vaccine question
Mon, 09-01-2008 - 3:29pm

I mostly lurk here but do pop in now and then with a thought. This isn't so much a debate as just a question I'm hoping someone can answer. Of course this is a debate board so if someone wants to debate it no problem LOL.

I'm friends with several military families. Recently I was talking with one of them about vaccines and he mentioned that the military makes him get the anthrax every three months. I found this shocking and scary. I am aware that the military give the anthrax vaccine but I didn't realize anyone would need it every three months! I was thinking to myself he's either exagerating, misinformed about what shots he's getting or being given really scary stuff way too much. It's very possible that he's been misinformed as they know very little about vaccines or the medical care they get in general. They just do whatever the doctor says no matter how odd or questionable it might seem. I like them they are just sheep when it comes to medical care and they are happy that way (drives me crazy).

So does the military really give anthrax that often? If they do why, would it need that many boosters? Does the anthrax vaccie shed and if it does shouldn't someone that's just had it be in some sort of a quarentine or have more than a bandage over the site? Should others he's around after getting it be concerned about the shedding? I haven't really researched this vaccine much (not even sure if it is a live vaccine or not) but I do remember the controversy years ago over the military

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Mon, 09-01-2008 - 6:33pm

It's not that they have to get it over and's a series of shots over the course of several months, with each increment progressively further apart than the last (something like first shot, second 2 weeks later, 3rd a month after that, etc, I don't remember exactly).

My husband keeps dodging that bullet, but I'm worried that sooner or later, he's going to have to get it.

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