Most Measle cases in USA thanks to non-vaxers?

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Most Measle cases in USA thanks to non-vaxers?
Fri, 05-06-2011 - 7:32am
U.S. on track for most measles cases in a decade


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Wed, 05-25-2011 - 9:05am
Measles cases reported in the U.S. are at highest level since 1996

Measles cases so far this year are at their highest level since 1996, prompting federal health authorities to urge that children be vaccinated earlier.

Of the 118 cases reported through Friday in the U.S., 105 were associated with importation from other countries, the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in a report issued Tuesday. The greatest numbers came from Europe and Southeast Asia.

Though 40 percent of the American cases have required hospitalization, none resulted in encephalitis or death.

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Wed, 08-24-2011 - 4:25pm

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(NaturalNews) Big Pharma, the CDC and other public health organizations tell the mainstream media (MSM) what to report about outbreaks and epidemics. So you may have the impression that recent measles outbreaks are occurring because of MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccination refusals.

According to official public health documents kept from public attention, the opposite is true. Many stricken with measles have had the full array of three MMR vaccinations.

Measles and MMR Vaccinations

If you're old enough, you may remember that measles and mumps were common childhood diseases that came and went. The incidence of death or permanent damage was very small. Once you recovered from measles, you were immunized for life.

The rate of measles outbreaks began declining during the 1970s. This may be attributed to increased immunity by those who had measles and recovered, or a decline in the virulence of measles.

But of course, the medical establishment wants you to believe all infectious disease declines are from vaccines. The opposite is usually factual. It has been documented and graphed that measles had diminished greatly before vaccinations were administered. (7)

The three in one MMR shot was developed during that decade for convenience. Prior to that, there was one vaccination for every disease. But the three in one MMR is inoculated on three separate occasions within a few months, usually before 15 months of age. Preteens and teenagers are often subjected to this risky business as well if they missed the early schedule.

Measles Breakouts Among the Vaccinated

There have been many, and the various public health organizations, including the CDC, are well aware of them. Yet, pediatricians convince and school boards coerce parents into making sure their children get three MMR vaccinations in short succession. Obviously, not enough know of measles breakouts among the vaccinated.

Medical authorities eager to vaccinate maintain it takes a population vaccination rate of 90% to ensure an "immunized" disease will not break out within that community. This high percentage was contrived as necessary for "herd immunity," which would prevent any outbreak from occurring.

That has been proven false. Basic logic begs the question: Why do so many have to be vaccinated if those who are vaccinated are immune? Could it be that the vaccinated are not really immune. One thing is for certain, vaccinating 90% of all populations creates more revenue.

In 1984, theMorbidity and Mortality Weekly Report(MMRW) of the CDC reported a late 1983 early 1984 Illinois high school/junior high measles outbreak. The total student population was around 400, andALL of them (100%) had complied with Illinois State Law requiring the complete MMR schedule.(1)

In 1987,Pub Med Centralreported another public school measles outbreak among a 98% MMR vaccinated population. This happened in another high school, this one in Massachusetts early in 1984. Another population with over 90% vaccinated again. (2)

University of Helsinki Department of Public Health reported an "explosive outbreak" of measles in a rural community during 1989. Most of the infected had been vaccinated with the MMR vaccine. Those vaccinated who became infected anyway also managed to spread the measles to their siblings. So much for herd protection. (4)

The WHO (World Health Organization) reported an outbreak of measles with thousands of EU citizens of all ages throughout 2010. Most of them occurred in France. Here's what Copenhagen WHO official Rebecca Martin said, "There's been a buildup of children who have not been immunized over the years. It's almost like a threshold. When you have enough people who have not been immunized (sic), then outbreaks can occur." (5)

Apparently Rebecca is not aware of those earlier reports of outbreaks among populations with over 90% vaccinated. Nor is she aware of any graphs that show the enormous decline in measles episodes occurredbefore measles vaccinations appeared on the scene. But she did invoke the 90% rule. (7)

Those who have been scared away from using dangerous vaccinations with horrendous side effects just to prevent a short term mild disease, from which recovery confers real immunity, are blamed.

What Is Scaring Away Vaccination Prospects

Could it have something to do with over six times as many MMR vaccine adverse events reported than cases of measles so far in 2011? Keep in mind that all adverse events are not reported. Most are so indoctrinated with the sanctity of vaccines they don't make the connection to their child's turning blue and becoming paralyzed or dead after a series of vaccinations. Even former FDA commissioner David Kessler wrote "only one percent of serious adverse events are reported to the FDA." (6)

More and more parents are witnessing tragic consequences of MMRs and other vaccines, which include neurological damage, autism, paralysis, chronic illness, extreme colitis, and death occurring shortly after or during a scheduled series of inoculations. And they are reporting their tragic stories to vaccine safety group sites, blogs, or chat rooms. (7)

Some even start their own vaccination warning sites. Yeah, that might have something to do with more parents holding their children back from being jabbed with toxic vaccines. Especially with a vaccine that doesn't work on a diminished childhood disease that is usually minor. And especially after being lied to about Thimerosal (mercury) being removed from childhood vaccinations. (8)

By the way, there was a very large mumps outbreak among teens and preteens, during early 2010 in the New York/New Jersey area. Almost 80% of them had their MMRs too. (9)

Sources for this article










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Thu, 09-29-2011 - 6:20am

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Even with all the sources, I don't buy it. The FDA are operated by a bunch of money greedy business men being lobbied by pharmaceutical thugs. The less people vaccinating, the less money in the pockets of the pharmaceutical companies, the less money being put into the FDA's back pocket. Of course they are going to release statements like this. These are the same people who told us Agent Orange wasn't toxic to humans. No thanks. I'll pass. I've got a higher risk of dying in a car accident than measles, and that's not stopping me from driving.

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Thu, 10-13-2011 - 12:36am

So, we're freaking out about 118 cases? Big deal. 45,000 people die from the seasonal flu each year. How many people die from drunk driving accidents? Hell, driving accidents in general? What about from smoking or obesity related illness? Maybe we should create an anti-fat vaccine too! Let's medicate everyone. Also, did anyone ever think maybe these parents can't afford the health insurance they need to get their children the vaccines? If it weren't for so many chain smoking fat alcoholics racking up medical bills on their gastric bypass, cancer, diabetes medicines, etc. then just MAYBE health insurance might be a little more affordable and people wouldn't have to fear getting sick because they can't afford the bills that come along with it. Must be nice to live so oblivious to reality.

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Wed, 10-19-2011 - 7:06am

The reality is that 2xMMR for every child in the US is the cheapest way of preventing hundreds of deaths and thousands of cases of life long disability and because most people vaccinate, so few cases of measles (and mumps and rubella) happen in the US. That more people die of the flu than of measles is hardly an argument against vaccination.

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Wed, 10-19-2011 - 2:03pm
catherina wrote:

This is the reality:

Unvaccinated persons accounted for 105 (89%) of the 118 cases.

Of those 118 cases (was that within one year?) how many died? How many had serious complications?

You said: " If it wasn't for the MMR, we'd see hundreds of death..."

Even if all 118 cases died - that is not "hundreds of death" - that is 118 death.

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Thu, 10-27-2011 - 12:49pm
Yep cause more people are not getting there children vaccinated. Its not fun to watch your child suffer throught this knowing it did not need to happen and did only because some parent out there decided NOT to get there kid vac. My son was 10mo. when he got it. NOT FUN!!!!
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Thu, 10-27-2011 - 4:37pm
Even one death is too many when it could have been prevented.

I know that vaccines aren't 100%, but when the population as a whole is protected, the odds of deaths are greatly reduced.

We've become a society ruled by fear, misinformation, paranoia, and conspiracy theories. The main reasons people turn down MMR isn't because of legitimate scientific objections, it's usually because they're afraid of autism! Nevermind that no link has ever been proven or even shown to have a strong correlation between the two.

My sister in law is one of those. Her ignorance drives me crazy. I have the utmost respect for parents who do the research, and decide that based on the statistics/facts/whatever that it's a better choice not to vaccinate, or to selectively vaccinate, but honestly, do you really think that the massive anti-vaccine craze has anything to do with the majority of those parents taking the time to research something?

They're doing it because Jenny McCarthy told them to.
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Very true - and I was not suggesting that it did not matter. No one wants a child to die - not those who vaccinate and not those who chose not to vaccinate. But the sad fact is that children do die, sometimes no matter what we do.

I was only pointing out the discrepency - 118 cases is not "hundreds of deaths" - it is just over 100 deaths.

I am also curious as to how many died due to vaccine reactions in the same time period? It might not compare, I don't know - but those children matter too.


I can't speak for anyone else, only myself. I don't know if others do their research or just blindly do what others tell them to do?

I might ask the same question of the majority that do vaccinate. Do they do their research or do they just do what others tell them to do? Why are they exempt from doing their research and deciding that based on the statistics/facts/whatever that it's a better choice to vaccinate?