Narcolepsy from swine flu vaccine!

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Narcolepsy from swine flu vaccine!
Wed, 02-27-2013 - 12:02pm

 I think this is the effect of getting out a vaccination before fully testing it.  How in the world did they produce a swine flu vaccine in the UK  that has been found to cause narcolepsy in children and teens?  It was created during the 2009 pandemic, and was not used in the US.  Although I lean more towards pro-vax, it doesn't mean I don't have concerns about vaccines that are rushed to market.  Here you are trying to protect your child in the midst of a huge scare, and now they'll have to be monitored for years to see if they develop the disorder, not to mention if they are one of the unlucky ones.  Makes me think that they really didn't give a darn about side effects or deliberately ignored warning signs just to make a buck off of the huge demand. 



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