New Autism Research

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New Autism Research
Fri, 07-11-2008 - 6:11pm

I was watching ABC's world news the other night (maybe even last night) and they did a piece on new research into Autism. The researchers were able to find several genes that contributed to Autism. What they found is that the autistic children did not lack these specific genes; however, the genes were inactivated. Studies with rats found that when given appropriate early behavioral modification therapy, the genes could be re-activated thus reducing the autistic behaviors. They indicated this supports the known findings that early intervention is highly successful with children on the autistic spectrum.

Of course, they stated that now they need to find a medication that can turn on these genes more quickly than behavioral therapy. I have been thinking about this finding and how it could relate to regressive autism and vaccines. Since it is possible to "turn on" these dormant genes, would it be possible to "turn off" these genes in a typically developing child? Could vaccines provide a chemical or neurological reaction that would contribute to turning off these genes? Would certain children be more susceptible to this?

Seems to me that if they think they can come up with a medication to "turn it on" that the reverse could be possible. Just curious what others think about this and it would sure be an interesting area for a non-bias group to research.


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