Oral Smallpox Drug Shown Effective

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Oral Smallpox Drug Shown Effective
Wed, 06-11-2003 - 6:32pm

Single Dose of Oral Smallpox Drug Shown Effective in Cowpox-Infected Mice

When Given 3-5 Days Before or 1-3 Days After Infection

"This is the first demonstration that a single oral dose of an ether lipid analog of cidofovir can protect against lethal poxvirus infection several days in advance of infection or when given one to three days after," said the drug's developer Karl Hostetler, M.D., of VASDHS and UCSD. "This suggests that individuals who cannot be safely vaccinated could be protected from smallpox by taking an oral analog of CDV several times a month. Details of an appropriate treatment regimen remain to be worked out in human clinical testing."