OT .. birth annoucement!

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OT .. birth annoucement!
Sun, 02-15-2009 - 9:10pm
Hi ladies! I've missed so much on this board ... but I have my little one, finally!!

Elijah Mathias, 7 lbs 6 oz, born Feb 9 2009 at 0013

I was called into the hospital on Feb 6 to be induced b/c my labs all showed pre-e ... even though I didn't have any of the symptoms .. my BP was 180/100 when I arrived in L&D .. they started me off with pitocin, which didn't work .. then did 5 rounds of cervadil to try to further ripen my cervix .. that didn't work so they manually dilated my cervix and restarted the pitocin .. THAT worked .. I wasn't able to labor unmedicated -- the pitocin made the contractions too much, on top of having spent two days lying in an uncomfortable bed. Despite the many interventions that I had wanted to avoid -- my health and the health of the baby really required everything we had .. I'm just happy we didn't have a c-section and Elijah is healthy and happy!! :)

For anyone else who had read my prior thread about the e-mycin eye ointment .. we decided to have the ointment b/c everything was so prolonged and stressful for both of us that the added measure against infection was probably a good idea. We did decline the Hep B vaccine without incident .. I didn't even have to sign any forms (except the consent for vaginal delivery ... stupid, huh?? :))

Anyway .. we are home and learning to work together ;) I probably won't be too active on the board for a while, but I'll check in when I can!!




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Sun, 02-15-2009 - 9:32pm
Good heavens! I'm so glad you both survived all that stuff. Baby looks adorable. Get some rest, you deserve a break.
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Sun, 02-15-2009 - 10:57pm


I've been thinking about you! So glad to see everything went ok. What a beautiful baby boy! {{hugs}} Ditto what MV said... get some rest.

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Sun, 02-15-2009 - 11:56pm
So happy for you Melissa! Many congrats to you and your hubby!
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Mon, 02-16-2009 - 2:00am
He's gorgeous!


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Mon, 02-16-2009 - 7:12am


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Mon, 02-16-2009 - 8:52am
What a cutie!
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Mon, 02-16-2009 - 2:33pm

How Cute!!! Congratulations!!! Makes me want another one!


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Wed, 02-18-2009 - 10:14am

Congratulations on the birth of your son, he's beautiful.


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Wed, 02-18-2009 - 11:39am

Congratulations Melissa and Anthony!

Welcome little Elijah Mathias - you sure are cute in your photos. :)

Enjoy your babymoon.

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Wed, 02-18-2009 - 2:15pm

Oh he's beautiful!!!

I'm so sorry you had to deal with the interventions but at least you're both doing well!

Get some rest, we'll still be here when you find the time!