Peuk Gag Retch Barf Did I say vomit?....

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Peuk Gag Retch Barf Did I say vomit?....
Wed, 07-23-2003 - 4:12pm
I just got a birthday card for Delaney from Merck and my health insurance company saying "Lets get this party started!" Sorry Merck - my baby girl won't be going to any of your parties. And as far as my health insurance company goes, they won't pay one red cent for anything even associated with autism. I have to fight with the pre auth department for genetic tests and metabolic tests for Joe. The only party going on is the one the executives are throwing all the way to the bank. The other party includes a walking, pointing, laughing one year old who isn't going to have her party disrupted by a tripple shot this year. What disgusting advertising. It so easily dismisses the children that wind up hospitalized because of vaccines.

Joyful as always


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Thu, 07-24-2003 - 9:33am
Happy Birthday Delaney,

I can't believe she is one year old already


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Thu, 07-24-2003 - 10:22am
Some party. I wonder if we will get such a doomed invitation. I know what you mean about not disrupting a happy, healthy child. Nash is 10.5 months old now and wears the same size as Noah, who is now 4.5. He is chubby, healthy and happy, and I won't let a shot make him deteriorate before my eyes as I did with Noah.

I was happy to see that Dan Burton hasn't given up his fight for the truth.

Happy Birthday Delaney!


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Thu, 07-24-2003 - 4:27pm
Liz what a frustrating, enraging place to be~ your insurance company celebrating vaccines, but not covering the autism for Joe. ((hugs)) and wishing Delaney a Happy First Birthday~

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Fri, 07-25-2003 - 12:33am
Delaney says thanks for the happy birthdays everyone!!! I'm glad your baby is doing well, Christine. I guess it is a strange intro to birthday discussion, but the advertising rubbed me the wrong way for sure.
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Fri, 07-25-2003 - 1:05pm
Happy Birthday Delaney!!!!!!

Geeze I am all for vaccinations but gosh I dont even get those in the mail. In fact BOTH of my kids on thier first birthdays got books from BLUECROSS..The Hungry Little Caterpiller to be exact lol.

I for one think it stinks that you pay all that money into your HMO only to have them FIGHT you for health care your child NEEDS!! Ugh sometimes I just dont know.

God Bless,


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Sun, 07-27-2003 - 7:26pm
(passing you some cyber-Listerine to get that nasty taste out . . . )

And here are more birthday greetings to Delaney! Boy, has this year flown by.

Take care,