Q about Vit K and blood disorders-urgent

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Q about Vit K and blood disorders-urgent
Tue, 04-14-2009 - 7:55pm

Hi all,

I am actually here with a question this time. My dd (2.4) has an appointment with a hematologist tomorrow due to abnormal cbc results (taken twice over the last 3 months).

The only shots she's ever received was Vit K at birth and a single polio at her 2 year old well child check up (the same day she had the first blood draw done). I have heard of the link between blood disorders and vit K shot, especially leukemia. Does anyone have links or research they can point me towards?



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Tue, 04-14-2009 - 9:40pm

What exactly are the test showing that's abnormal? I'm sorry I can not help but if you give more information about her bloodtest, I'll certainly help you read and I'll search for anything helpful.

I'm so sorry to hear you're going through this. Is the test known for false-positives? (I hope it's something like that!)

Maybe one of the others will know something.

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Wed, 04-15-2009 - 1:20pm

Hi Dee,

My thoughts are with you and your DD.

What's abnormal about the CBC low or high RBC or WBC? Only if you feel comfortable sharing more.

Newborn Vitamin K administration linked to higher cancer rate for 1-6 year old children
SOURCE: British Medical Journal, 316:189-193, Jan 17, 1998
In this study of over 4000 children, published in the British Medical Journal (1998), scientists did not identify an increased risk for "all" child cancers for infants given Vitamin-K injections. However, when scientists went one step further and investigated individual types of cancer, they did in fact find an increased risk for the cancer lymphoblastic leukemia. The study compared cancer rates for infants born in hospitals where all children received Vitamin-K to hospitals where only one-third of infants received Vitamin-K.

Some links:

Hope this helps,

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Fri, 04-17-2009 - 7:48pm

THANKS guys!

Roan received the all clear after the appt. Turns out she must have had a pretty extensive viral infection and it literally took her body two months to clear it. Irony here is it was not a vaccine preventable virus and her worst symptoms were paleness and a slightly runny nose; soooo glad we still nurse. Ta again

A relieved Dee:)

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Sat, 04-18-2009 - 1:46pm
That's great news!
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Tue, 04-21-2009 - 11:31am
Glad to hear she is better Dee!