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Mon, 10-06-2008 - 3:03pm

Hi! I wanted to stop in with a question from some "experts"...

My daughter just turned one year old this past Friday...My DH and I have been studying and researching vaccines since before she was born....

At first we choose to get her vaccinated at her 2 month appt....I felt horrible....did more research and we choose to delay.

Our Ped. convinced us that we needed to start doing a delayed vax schedule at her 9 month appt. and with her arguement, we did...Starting pedarix, prevnar and Hib...And once again...felt like...I was doing something wrong...

About 4 weeks ago we took her in for a shot only visit...She got Pedirix, Prevnar and waited on the Hib as they were out....2 days after the injections there was a noticable change in her. Fever, 103....Inconsolable...and most disturbing there was a delay in development of items that she had been doing for months. THANK GOD she came out of her "fog" about 2 weeks later, but that was pleanty for me....

We began more research and just are erring on the side of caution....

We dontlive in a huge town, and there arent very many choices for peds. The ped we have now has been voted on of the best in the state, and has truly helped us with other items, and I cant say I dislike him...I disagree. but would be fine staying with him as long as we were respected.

Do any of you ladies have advice re: talking with your ped? What do you tell them about your choices? What do you say when the APP speach begins?

Any thoughts??

Thanks in advance!

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Tue, 10-07-2008 - 11:02am

I go to a ped that's supposedly the only one in the area that will see non-vaxed kids. Still, each appt he would try to convince me that vaxes are good, etc - you know the drill. I'm tired of that. I have been scheduled for some time now to see a new dr in a different state. So that's my answer - I'm switching drs. I don't want to go to a dr that thinks vaxes and drugs are the answer for health. Sounds to me like your dr does NOT respect your wishes. You decided to hold off yet they were able to convince you to go ahead. I'm not surprised that your ped was voted best in the state despite the vax issue since most people think vaxes are great, too. Child visits are for vaxes so I wouldn't go to those either, unless your child has a problem that must be treated by a dr. I avoid drs as much as possible - personally.

So, that's my advice. No well-baby visits. And definitely a new dr. Perhaps a GP even if you can't find a truly supportive ped.

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Tue, 10-07-2008 - 2:51pm

Absolutely trust in your instincts. They were given to you for a reason.

Educate yourself. Plan ahead with canned answers which show A) You have a clue, B)You didn't make your decision overnight, and C)You don't have an irrational fear of disease.

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Tue, 10-07-2008 - 3:01pm

I agree with no well-baby visits. That was hard for me at first because I have family and friends who work in the medical field and they had me terrorized over it. BUT, just know that you should find out what is involved in each visit. I remember something about them feeling of the tummy for something...don't remember now, but my pediatrician looked at me real funny when I scheduled an appt for just for him to feel the baby's tummy. When my son started school I had his eyes and hearing checked. I was just talking to DH about having it done again, he's 9 but since he's not traditionally schooled, I don't have the teacher telling me when she thinks "he can't see the blackboard". Just stuff like that, be aware of what they check for in these "well" child visits and decide what's important. Remember all the while that often intervention leads to more *intervention*.

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Wed, 10-08-2008 - 11:59am

ITA will the skipping the well baby visits also.

We actually just went into the Doctor this week for an appointment of a kind of well-check up kind.

DD's doctor was the one that suggested delaying vaccines after the Hep B reaction but wanted to re-discuss it when she hit 4 (she is behind schedule and due for more on the canadian immunization schedule.)

We of course have decided to stop entirely so I wondered how the appointment would go but I get a long with our Doctor so wasn't overly worried about the conversation.

Interestingly enough, we get there and she pulls DD's chart. I asked do you want to discuss immunizations? She says nope, based on a recent vaccinology conference I attended (where they discussed seizure type reactions), the fact your DD has had stellar health, that she also has naturopathic care, she sees no reason to give her vaccinations and we can revisit the topic when she is 6.

She asked if I need a medical note to go along with my waiver to which I responded no but should the school/childcare/public health ever challenge me on it I would request it then.


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Wed, 10-08-2008 - 12:09pm

I am going to bump a thread up on how to research a vaccine decision:


I would suggest bringing in some of your research to discuss with the Doctor so that you can demonstrate you have not just come to this decision on a whim and can illustrate the research you have done and the materials you have read.

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Wed, 10-08-2008 - 4:27pm

cool for you!

We only do one well child every year to CMA (that I'm not denying my children appropriate medical care ) for all of my kids.


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Wed, 10-08-2008 - 4:36pm
Ditto - we do the one check-up visit a year also. I think it's good preventive measure to have a look-see once a year (minus the shots). I go for my annual exam also. :)

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Thu, 10-09-2008 - 1:46pm
It's worth it for the drug companies though! They want you in there so they can make a few vaccine sells.