"Recent increase in measles/Switzerland"

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"Recent increase in measles/Switzerland"
Tue, 06-10-2003 - 12:40am

Recent increase in measles in children and teenagers in Switzerland

"A total of 387 clinical measles cases have been notified to the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (SFOPH) in the last two months, a large increase compared to recent years....

Twenty out of 317 cases (6.3%) were hospitalised and complications were reported for 28 cases (8.8%), two with encephalitis (coma in one), seven with pneumonia, three with suspicion of pneumonia, one with myocarditis, one with otitis media, one with hepatitis, one with generalised tonic convulsions, and 12 hospitalised without indication of a specific complication. No deaths were reported. Sixteen out of 246 children up to age 16 (6.5%) have suffered from a measles complication compared to twelve among 69 adult patients (17.4%; p = 0.005)....

Samples of blood or salivary secretions were analysed in 84/317cases (25.5%) and the clinical diagnosis was confirmed in 77/84 cases (91.7%) or 77/317 cases (24.3%) overall. Of the 261 cases with known vaccination status, only 21 (8.0%) had been vaccinated. The proportion of unvaccinated patients was highest in the age group 15-19 years (12.5% of cases with known vaccination status) (Figure 2). All cases that had been vaccinated had received only one of the two recommended doses of a vaccine containing the measles virus. Among the 24 cases with complications and known vaccination status, none was vaccinated. This very low proportion of vaccinees among cases suggests that these outbreaks may have occurred among local populations with vaccine coverage (well) below the national level."