refuse to vaccinate love modern meds.

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refuse to vaccinate love modern meds.
Mon, 05-19-2003 - 1:26am
I am a mother of two and before I got preg. was studying for med. field. I remember a thermometer breaking in lab and the prof. evacuating everyone to pick it up with a dropper. In fact when is the last time you've seen someone with amercury containing thermometer? This plays through my head as I think of all the highly toxic chemicals used. Even in small amounts are by far more than a child weighing only 10lbs. can process through their little bodies. We are torn by wanting to protect our babies but give me a break how many case of chicken pox deaths(even in adults) do we hear about. Not to mention I give credit for great decreases of oh say polio to hygiene, personal and as a society (better waste removal, filter chlorinated water, etc). My children will not be vaccinated until I can be assured the chemicals that the CDC calls toxic will be the lesser of the evils in vaccine "protection."