Region sees huge rise in measles

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Region sees huge rise in measles
Fri, 02-06-2009 - 11:54am

Region sees huge rise in measles

More cases of measles were confirmed in the North West of England than anywhere else in the country in the last three months of 2008, health officials say.

The Health Protection Agency (HPA) said that confirmed cases increased from 31 in 2007 to 180 last year - a 480% jump.

Experts said most of the outbreaks had occurred in communities with large numbers of children who did not receive the MMR vaccine.

Across England and Wales measles cases rose by 36%, from 990 in 2007 to 1,348.

A mass vaccination of more than 10,000 children was carried out in Cheshire in December to head off a potential measles epidemic in the county.

Public confidence

Dr Rosemary McCann, of HPA North West, said: "We had a major outbreak in central and eastern Cheshire that accounted for many of the confirmed cases in the final quarter of 2008.

"But we also had a large outbreak on the Fylde coast earlier in the year and smaller outbreaks and sporadic cases elsewhere in the region."

Cheshire had the UK's highest rate of reported measles outside of London, which officials said was a legacy of the fears over the safety of the MMR - measles, mumps and rubella - vaccine which emerged in the 1990s.

Public confidence in the triple vaccine dipped following research - since discredited - which raised the possibility that the jab may be linked to an increased risk of autism.

Dr McCann added: "Confidence in MMR vaccine is continuing to grow and increasing numbers of parents are having their children immunised at the appropriate time.

"However, we still have large numbers of older children and teenagers who missed out on immunisation as toddlers and these young people are needlessly vulnerable to infection."

Story from BBC NEWS:

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Fri, 02-06-2009 - 4:38pm
And all those parents have ever asked is to be allowed to break the triple threat up into single doses. That's all I ask for and have yet to find a doctor or drug rep who can help me....sigh
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Sun, 02-08-2009 - 12:11pm

You might find this of interest:

"The official word on Merck’s website is that these vaccines are not available for order. I’ve called Merck to ask if they are planning to start making more, but I can’t get anyone from the company to call me back. I have heard from numerous people and some news reports that Merck isn’t currently making the vaccine. I haven’t heard that they’ve decided to stop permanently, just that they aren’t producing any at this time. So, it’s pretty clear that, at least for the time being, there is no more to be had. It is probably safe to say that there won’t be any more for at least 6 months to 1 year. It is also possible that they won’t ever make the separate vaccines again."