Scary stuff

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Scary stuff
Thu, 07-10-2008 - 6:30am

This artical is shocking on many levels:
how cosy are the pharmacutical companies and the uk govt?
"Paul Blackburn, 53, is a senior vice-president at GlaxoSmithKline, which is being sued by hundreds of parents and patients who claim its drugs have caused suicide and psychosis.

His appointment (in Ofsted) came two weeks before the company won a reported £100million contract to vaccinate all schoolgirls of 12 and 13 against the sexually transmitted virus linked to cervical cancer. Family campaigners argued that the jabs would ‘normalise’ childhood sex." (That would be the least of my worries)

testing on children in care?
"The New York health authority recently investigated claims that drugs were tested on 100 babies and toddlers with HIV at the city’s Incarnation Children’s Centre. GSK was one of the firms that supplied the drugs."

and drugs to kids who don't need them...
"GSK markets an anti-ADHD drug in the United States – amphetamine Dexedrine – and may yet try to market it or a similar drug in Britain.

It recommends Dexedrine for ‘stabilising’ patients from three years to 16 who exhibit ‘distractibility, short attention span and hyperactivity’. Critics say this could describe any normal toddler or hormonal teen, and drugs should be a last resort." a teacher the diagnosis of ADHD annoys me, a lot of parents (and kids) use it as an excuse for poor behaviour plus many are misdiagnosed as a carers benefit is paid to those 'caring' for a youngster with ADHD.

What do you think?
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Thu, 07-10-2008 - 10:33am

scary is right...