Social Networks Influence Vaccination Decisions

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Social Networks Influence Vaccination Decisions
Thu, 04-18-2013 - 2:31pm

An article from Time discusses how parents are highly influenced by their family and friends opinions when making decisions regarding vaccinations: 

Parents reported they paid the most attention to their spouse or partner’s opinion. Pediatricians were next in line, followed by friends and relatives. 

Here’s why that’s important: 72% of nonconformers’ friends and relatives advised them to disregard CDC recommendations compared with just 13% of conformers’ friends and family members. In other words, says study author Emily Brunson, changing parents’ attitudes about vaccines may be a matter of influencing the people who are influencing parents in the first place.

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How influential do you find social media when it comes to making decisions regarding vaccinations?  If you share articles regarding vaccinations on social media sites, what do you hope to gain?

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Fri, 04-19-2013 - 10:22am

Honestly from what i have seen, most "non-conformers" get more flack from family and friends for not vaccinating than support.  I rarely share articles on vaccinations, unless specifically answering a question or giving support to someone how is on the fence or has already made the decision not to vaccinate.  In my opinion, each of us has our own right to make the decision that we feel is best for our family, and just as I would not want to be blasted for my decision, I am not going to blast someone else for the decision they have made.