Teen HPV Infection Rates Fell in Half

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Teen HPV Infection Rates Fell in Half
Fri, 06-28-2013 - 1:15pm

The government is reporting that the HPV vaccine is doing it's job, reducing the number of HPV infections in young women: 

Rates of HPV infection targeted by the vaccine fell from 11.5 percent in 2003 to 2006 to 5.1 percent from 2007 to 2010 in girls and women ages 14 to 19, a decline of 56 percent, according to new data published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases. The effectiveness of getting at least 1 shot in the three-dose series was 82 percent, the study concluded.

That proves that the HPV vaccine works well in that target group, Frieden added. If the U.S. had reached a rate of 80 percent vaccination, some 50,000 lifetime cases of cervical cancer could be prevented, Frieden said.

“For every year we delay in doing so, another 4,400 girls will develop cervical cancer in their lifetimes,” he added.

Read more: http://www.nbcnews.com/health/hpv-infections-fell-half-teen-girls-after-vaccine-study-shows-6C10378279?ocid=msnhp&pos=1

Does this report alter your decision in getting your teen vaccinated?