Vaccinate later, rather than earlier?

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Vaccinate later, rather than earlier?
Mon, 11-02-2009 - 9:51pm

Last night I was reading the latest Wired Magazine which had an article that touted the benefits of vaccination and the reasons why some people don't get their kids vaccines.

One of the arguments was that the recommended schedule has too many vaccines at too early an age. Which leads me to ask...for those of you who don't vaccinate early, do you plan to do vaccinations when your kids are older?

If you never plan to get the vaccines, what do you do to keep your kids away from others when they are sick in case they do have something nasty that could infect an infant?

I personally have gotten my kids every vaccination, and we get flu shots every year. My mother-in-law had mumps when she was 12 and lost most of her hearing. I knew a family with a 1 month old who got whooping cough and died (the one month old was too young for the vaccine, but speculation from the health department it was caught from a child at church who had never been vaccinated.) We did probably have the swine flu the beginning of September - my 4 year old developed breathing issues in a short span of time and I had to take him to the ER. My son has no other health issues. I would have rather have had the shot than him to be so scared (all the other symptoms aside - it was no picnic.) I also have known kids whose vaccines did not take and ended up with measles anyhow.

So what do you do to keep your kids and the community healthy? And does the too early argument hold any water with you? Do you have plans to do it later, or known people who have?


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Wed, 11-04-2009 - 10:29pm

I was hopeful with the article, but quickly abandoned it when I sniffed out the bias in exactly 15 seconds. I prefer to read stuff, and at the end, struggle to determine the position of the author.

I was vaccinated back in the 60s... all of five shots by age two. Would you mind directing me to the safety data supporting the increase from this schedule to that of 24 hours, 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 12 months and again at 18 months? I've been searching long and hard for the trial data that demonstrates that this cumulative exposure is harmless. I can't seem to find it anywhere...

I have two kids vaccinated on schedule. One of them in the thimerosal generation, and (pardon my french) she's crazier than a sh**house rat. All for the greater good I guess.

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Mon, 11-09-2009 - 9:00am

The theory sounds like one from a campaign of 'too many too soon'.