Vaccine-derived polioviruses

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Vaccine-derived polioviruses
Sat, 05-15-2010 - 9:26pm

Let me get this straight...they stopped using the OPV in the US, in Canada, in the UK, in soooooo many other developed countries because it was causing Polio. They for some reason expected to get different results in Iranian children? Seriously??? I mean, wow - if Nigerian children showed the same results and are now facing more polio than they've ever seen (thanks to the vaccine) --- did they REALLY expect Iranian children to be different? Really???

I guess its true what Einstein said about insanity - but can ALL OF THEM BE INSANE? 'Certainly looks like it!!!


Posted May 12, 2010
Vaccine-derived polioviruses found in immunodeficient Iranian children

Vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2 was detected in five of six documented cases of immunodeficiency-associated vaccine-derived polioviruses in Iran from 1995 to 2008 — indicating a global need to change to an inactivated polio vaccine schedule.

Researchers from several institutions in Iran reviewed these cases to define the prevalence of vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis. They also aimed to determine whether changing to an inactivated polio vaccine schedule and screening neonates for immunodeficiencies could reduce the risk for infection.

The first patient was a 17-month-old girl who acquired the infection in 1995. She was administered the inactivated polio vaccine due to a known antibody deficiency. She also had a healthy sibling who was administered the oral polio vaccine. Fecal samples indicated vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2. Recombination with the Sabin 1 strain was detected, with a crossover site at nt 5355, according to the results.

The second case occurred in a 7-month-old boy in 2005. He had been administered the oral polio vaccine at birth and at 2, 4 and 6 months. His fecal samples also indicated vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2 and recombination with the Sabin 1 strain with a crossover site at nt 5358. He did not have HIV, but the expression of human leukocyte antigen DR on his lymphocytes was low, indicating major histocompatibility complex class II deficiency.

The third patient was a boy who had a variety of health concerns in early 2006 at age 2 months. He was eventually admitted to a hospital with paralytic complications in October 2006. He was also administered the oral polio vaccine at birth and at 2, 4 and 6 months. A number of immunodeficiencies were observed, including decreased CD3+, CD4+ and CD8+ cell counts. Vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2 was detected and he was ultimately diagnosed with severe combined immunodeficiency caused by RAG2 mutation.

The fourth patient was a 15-month-old boy given the oral polio vaccine at birth and at 2, 4 and 6 months. Vaccine-derived poliovirus type 3 was isolated from his feces. Recombination with the Sabin 1 strain was detected at the 3Dpol region of the genome.

The fifth patient was a girl born in September 2006. She was given the oral polio vaccine at birth and at 2 months. In February 2007, she was admitted to a hospital with pneumonia and paraparesis, at which point fecal specimen results indicated the presence of vaccine-derived poliovirus types 1 and 2. She was diagnosed with B cell–negative T cell–negative severe combined immunodeficiency.

The final patient was a boy who developed paralysis at 7 months old. An initial fecal specimen indicated the presence of the Sabin 2 strain. After hospitalization for several complications, he was diagnosed with X-linked agammaglobulinemia. Subsequent fecal samples were positive for vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2. Treatment with IV immunoglobulin substitution at 600 mg/kg every four weeks was ongoing. Follow-up fecal samples became negative for polioviruses and his immunodeficiency was under control. Residual paralysis of the right leg remained. He was the only patient who survived.

The median interval between administration of the last oral vaccine dose and onset of vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis was 3.1 months. Immune deficiency was diagnosed after onset of vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis in five of the studied patients.

Along with switching to an inactivated polio vaccine schedule, the researchers also recommended screening children for immunodeficiencies.

“Introduction of neonatal screening programs for some immunodeficiencies such as severe combined immunodeficiency could help prevent inadvertent exposure of such patients to oral polio vaccine,” the researchers wrote.

Shahmahmoodi S. Emerg Infect Dis. 2010;16:DOI: 10.3201/eid1607.091606.

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Sat, 05-15-2010 - 9:52pm

Reference to the outbreaks caused by the vaccine in Nigeria:

Apparently, they learned nothing from spreading Polio all over the world, like in Tajikistan:

Or in Bulgaria:

Or could it just be a case of left hand not having a clue about what the right hand is doing???

Or maybe they just have some sick desire to inject more SV40 into humans? 'Not enough cancer among us now so they want to create more?

But hey, what's a little vaccine-induced polio? At least its not the WILD strain...

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Thu, 06-03-2010 - 10:48pm

The story is a lot worse even than what you found.

Part I

Part II

to sum it up briefly, the polio rates have been enormously inflated prior to vaccine programs, then meticulously chopped and split after the vaccine programs, plus they shove everything that causes paralysis, but isn't polio, over in the corner and ignore it. Thousands and thousands of cases every single year.
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Mon, 06-07-2010 - 2:14pm

I noticed Jamie posted some similar...I'll read all of them later in the week. I just wanted to mention, in case the articles didn't go into detail, that there were many changes in the actual diagnosis and definition of Polio. That was done to meet the needs of the drug cartel (a/k/a pharma-mafia)...

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Tue, 06-08-2010 - 2:38pm
This is why initially the rates of aspetic meningitis rose. Reclassification after introduction of the polio vaccine.



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Fri, 07-02-2010 - 4:37pm

insidevaccines just put up their third article on polio:

This one addresses the explanation for the modern rise of paralytic polio--supposedly it was all the fault of the sanitary engineers!

I'm sure no one will be startled to discover that the actual data doesn't match the narrative.
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Sat, 07-03-2010 - 10:22pm
The second article in the series goes over some of the changes in diagnostic criteria.
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Mon, 07-05-2010 - 4:16pm

I'm specifically asking Gina, but anyone that wants to comment feel free.

I read this article from IV, and I don't see an "antivaccine" slant at all. I just see the application of skepticism to history. Tell me how you define "antivaccine", and how it applies to this article. As I said previously, they take comments. If they were so "antivaccine", why write this?