Vaccines, Neurodevelopment/ASD's Pt. V

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Vaccines, Neurodevelopment/ASD's Pt. V
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I have presented a considerable amount of evidence for a connection between the present vaccine schedule and the development of autism spectrum disorders, yet even this paper is only a brief review of what we know. A more in-depth discussion of the immune/excitotoxic will appear in my paper- Interaction of activated microglia, excitotoxicity, reactive oxygen and nitrogen species, lipid peroxidation products and elevated androgens in autism spectrum disorders, which will appear in an upcoming special autism issue of the journal-Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine.

Much of this information is being totally ignored by the medical elite and especially the media. The Simsonwood conference proceedings, in which over 50 scientists, vaccine pharmaceutical company representatives and representatives from the World Health Organization met secretly in Norcross, Georgia, disclosed that the safety of your children is not their primary interest –their only interest is selling vaccines to the public. A friend of mine, while speaking to an audience of scientists and public health officials in Italy, was rudely told by a public health official that (paraphrased) –We all know that vaccines can cause neurological damage, but we must keep this from the public because it might endanger the vaccine program.

It is also important to understand that most practicing pediatricians have never heard what I have disclosed to you. Most have very little understanding of immune function and have no idea of the pathological effect on the brain of giving multiple vaccines on a large scale. These effects are widely discussed in the neuroscience literature, but few practicing physicians, especially pediatricians, ever read such articles.

Immunology, like nutrition, gets only scant attention in medical school and even less in residency training of physicians. Older doctors have no concept of the newer discoveries in immunology, especially neuroimmunology. The human immune system is one of the most complex systems in physiology and our studies indicate an even greater complexity is to be found. Despite a renewed interest in the immune system’s function in neonates and small children, much remains unknown concerning the immune effects of exposing infants and small children to such a large barrage of vaccine early in life. Yet, what we do know is that they react quite differently than adults and it can have devastating consequences on brain development and function.

Vaccinating millions of children with the hepatitis B vaccine at birth can only be described as dangerous idiocy. The vast majority of infants, children and adolescents are in no danger from this infection- even the medical authorities agree on that. It is also known that the effectiveness of the vaccine in children last no more than two years and has little or no effectiveness in the immune suppressed child. The nefarious plan by these vaccine geniuses is to force vaccines all babies, since they would have difficulty convincing adults, that is, the one at any danger, to get the vaccine.

The problem with this “plan” is that the vaccine is ineffective by the time the child reaches the age of risk. Now that they have discovered this, they are recommending that all children have a booster vaccine every two years.

The American Academy of Pediatrics and the CDC, the forces behind this vaccine mania, assure parents that giving all of the required vaccines at once is perfectly safe. As we have seen, the scientific “evidence” does not support this policy. To do so exposes the child to a high concentration of immune-stimulating adjuvants that will intensely activate the brain’s immune system (microglia) during the brain’s most active growth period, that is, during the first 2 to 6 years of life. The maturation and development of the brain continues to a large degree throughout adolescence. As we have seen, excessive vaccination can result in brain inflammation and brain swelling that can be prolonged, even lasting years, if not decades (as we have seen in the Vargas et al study). This can result in seizures, high pitched crying, severe lethargy, weakness and behavioral problems, such as agitation, depression, anger and other autistic behaviors.

In addition, giving the vaccines all at once exposes the brain to higher levels of neurotoxic aluminum as proven by radiolabeled aluminum study quoted above. If a person were to follow recommended vaccine guidelines they would receive over 100 vaccines in a lifetime. Because of the way the vaccines are given, this would not allow the brain’s microglial cells to shut down, which is essential.

One of the effects of chronic microglial activation, other than brain inflammation, is an elevation in brain glutamate levels. Studies have shown this can lead to chronic neurodegeneration and is suspected as a common mechanism associated with neuropathic viruses, such as the measles and borna viruses.158-160 In fact, blocking certain of the glutamate receptors can prevent brain damage by the measles virus, as well as other viruses.158 We also know that the prognosis of spinal meningitis can be determined by the spinal fluid glutamate levels, with high levels having the worst prognosis.161 Studies of autistic children have also shown elevated glutamate levels in their blood and spinal fluid.

Because excitotoxicity plays such an important role in autism, parents of autistic children should avoid feeding their children foods containing excitotoxic additives, such as MSG, hydrolyzed protein, vegetable protein extracts, soy protein or soy protein isolate, natural flavoring, yeast enzymes, etc. There are many disguised names for high glutamate food additives. A recent study has also shown that there is an interaction between certain food dyes and glutamate and aspartame that enhances neurotoxicity significantly.

They should also avoid immune suppressing oils, such as the omega-6 oils (corn, soybean, peanut, safflower, sunflower and peanut oils). As stated, people in this country eat 50-times the amount of this immune suppressing oil than they need for health.

While omega-3 oils are healthy, the EPA component is significantly immune suppressing and as a result, high intakes should be avoided. Studies have shown suppressed lymphocyte function (NK cells) with high intake of EPA.162