vaccines & privacy

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vaccines & privacy
Sun, 10-05-2008 - 9:12pm

My employer asked me if I'd had a flu shot, he was going around asking all the employees this question. Employers can't ask you ANY health questions due to privacy laws and HIPAA, so I told him so.

I don't get flu shots, but if I get sick, I will take off work so as not to infect others. So its really none of his business.

But, I've never had the flu, period.

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Mon, 10-06-2008 - 9:38am

That's interesting. We have a flu shot clinic at work every year but I don't think anyone is checking up to see who has or has not had their shots - some might have them at the Drs office also.

My office has what I think is a not great policy around sick days. If you take less than 2 sick days in a given year - the next year you get 2 extra vacation days - result = people coming into the office sick to earn more vacation time.

I'll also stay home/work from home if I think I am sick. I just wish everyone else would! Sounds like I am preaching to the choir though. ;)