Where do you draw the line on protection

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Where do you draw the line on protection
Sun, 04-20-2003 - 9:44pm
against disease? Again, just trying to understand points of view. I do get alot of responses with links, but no real knowledge from the posters. I want to know what YOU think. Not just what you've read or what you are afraid of.

Ok, so, do you wash your hands? Some folks claim that antibacterial soap causes super bugs. If we didn't wash, would we be stonger for it?

Antibiotics? There are far more deaths caused by antibiotic reactions than there are from vaccinations. Do you use antibiotics? Why or why not?

How about condoms for safe sex? Lots of allergies to latex out there.

What about flu? And if you don't vax, do you at least stay home when you are sick so you won't spread it around?

Do you use homeopathic remedies?

I do not have links to give you. I do not have numbers to quote. I am just a very curious person with lots of questions. I am always interested in what makes people who they are.



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Sun, 04-20-2003 - 10:01pm
Lucky, you know that is why I keep coming here. As many times as I have been yelled at whatever I come back because I am interested in the whole thing.

I think that sometimes things get way out of wack and people freak out. I worked in the daycare business for 12 years. I had was a assistant director for 3 of those years. I had to call MORE parents to come and get their sick kids because they sent them there anyways. Then we had to deal with the effects from those parents decisions. Why do people think daycare centers have high amounts of illness? Lucky I think your question regarding if people stay home when sick is a good one. Cause I can say that MOST dont. Either the jobs dont understand or they just do not want to waste their time. I had one mother leave her sick baby at daycare. High fever and more and when I called her she was NOT at work. She had taken the day off!!!

Look the day I was at Walmart and I saw that poor infant just about 2months old coughing so badly you could swear she smoked a carton of cigs a day...The girl was 19 at the most and the babies grandmother was yelling her " you need to take her in to the dr tomorrow she is NOT sounding right!" The girl said " I dont have time mom I have a WIC appt in the morning" I mean I KNOW that baby had pertussis. NOONE can tell me otherwise, I just pray that she got help.

Antibiotics? Well I try not take them too much or my kids. I do not want them to become resistant in case they really need them.

Condoms, well I have a friend that is Allergic to latex, she almost died from using one.

I am really not sure when you draw the line.....to anything. I just know that for my kids and my family being vaxed is the best thing. I saw a VPD in action and I do not EVER want to see it again.

God Bless,



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Sun, 04-20-2003 - 10:21pm
I guess I should answer some of my own questions...lol.

Yes, I wash my hands but I threw out the antibacterial soap about 6 months ago. I do use liquid hand sanitizer when we have illnesses in the house or during flu season. The antibacterial soap can cause some germs to linger and grow stonger. Hand sanitizer doesn't do that.

Yes, yes, yes to antibiotics when needed. I can't think of a time when someone in our family was prescribed antibiotics when we didn't truely need them.

I don't need to practice safe sex any longer but if I needed to, I would use latex cause I am not allergic. I guess I would ask my partner if they were allergic to latex.

My whole family gets the flu shot every year. DH and DS are asthmatic and flu can kill them. I get it cause I friggin HATE the flu. I used to spend 4 months recovering every winter until I discovered flu shots.

I used to work for a doctor who used homeopathic and natural remedies. I so wanted them to work since they had no side effects. He tried everything on me. And since I worked for him, I got it all free. NOTHING worked. BUT, my DH came in one day with a bad cough and he gave him accupuncture and he quit coughing. I thought that was amazing.

Looking forward to your answers,


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Sun, 04-20-2003 - 11:23pm
Washing hands is a good thing, but not with antibacterial soaps...so just regular old soap here

We stay home if we are sick, period. I do not believe it is fair to expose everyone else to sickness. I wish others felt the same, I have seen more people out when they are obviously very ill...including in my church... and in the nursery, there are so many babies with runny noses etc everytime I go in there...so Josh always stays with us in the sanctuary.

We do not do vaccinations anymore, after watching 2 of our kids suffer bad reactions and then myself have chronic fatigue syndrome for nearly a full year after getting one flu shot..I recover much faster and feel better just having the flu naturally..the vaccine knocked me down for a LONG time...worst year of my life! I have talked to too many people who have suffered some of the same reactions after getting the flu shot. Nope..not for us!

Condoms~ Nope..lol...we do Fertility Awareness for BC if needed...before that I was not "With" anyone as I was waiting for marraige. :-)

Antibiotics~ Yup, we use them only if truly needed...where the benefits outweigh any risk

but we also minimize our need for them by eating healthy and staying active

Homepathic remedies~ We are researching more and more into this area...but we still have a family doctor , I do use simple remedies on myself and my children....nothing major, but haven't needed too either.



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Sun, 04-20-2003 - 11:24pm
What interesting questions. :) First, since I've never posted here before, I'll introduce myself as an an anti-vaccination mom-to-be, who was a victim of the harmful effects. So now that you know my stance on the issue, I'll continue...

>>Ok, so, do you wash your hands? Some folks claim that antibacterial soap causes super >>bugs. If we didn't wash, would we be stonger for it?

Of course I wash, but I don't use all that specialized soap. I think it's silly. I also find the idea of anti-bacterial wipes to use around your house 2'000 times a day is ridiculous. I see people sterilize everything in their home a few times a day, and how their children react when they get sick for the very first time and have /no/ antibodies (these are usually parents who FF, btw). I'm not against them entirely, sure I sterilize my hands after touching a cat box or when I'm preparing dinner and have touched raw meat - but I think that's very different then doing it on a regular basis after you touch doorknobs. I think the issue of "would we be stronger if" is a toughie - I go both ways. With items like raw meat or fecal matter I think it's necessary to make sure you're free of bacteria, but with every day dirt that we pick up by scratching our heads or patting someone's shoulder - there's no harm in that.

>>Antibiotics? There are far more deaths caused by antibiotic reactions than there are >>from vaccinations. Do you use antibiotics? Why or why not?

I use antibiotics only as a last resort. I find they do a lot of harm to my body, and make me feel terrible when I take them. Some years ago I was prescribed some to avoid surgery on a badly infected toenail, and I had to take them 5 times a day on an empty stomach (no food 1 hr before, 2 hrs after). Being hypoglycemic this was murder on me! I eventually had to stop taking them well before my bottle was done, which I know is awful to do. :(

>>How about condoms for safe sex? Lots of allergies to latex out there.

I'm allergic to every single type of birth control on the market. Seriously! Spermicide, laytex, the pill, you name it - I'm allergic to it. I'm even allergic to KY Jelly and all other commercial lubricants (which usually come on condoms, even non-laytex ones). Lucky for me, I've only been with one man (my DH) and he's only been with me so there wasn't risk of STDs. We used NFP for years to get pregnant, and plan on using it after birth to be safe until we want to try again.

Long answer short, no I don't use condoms.

>>What about flu? And if you don't vax, do you at least stay home when you are sick so >>you won't spread it around?

Believe it or not no one in my family has ever had a flu shot, and no one has ever had the flu. Sure, on occassion we come down with what we've always called the "24-hour flu", but no one's ever contracted the kind the vaccination "protects" against. Surely if I did contract it I would stay away from people out of consideration. I'd probably be pretty sick and not want to leave the house anyway so I don't think that's an issue. ;)

>>Do you use homeopathic remedies?

Yes, always. My family uses homeopathic remedies first before anything else, and we have amazing success with them - but that is in part to your faith in what you're doing. :) We all know that your belief in whether something will work or not, and the effort you put into helping it along has a big effect on getting better!

~:) Babs

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Mon, 04-21-2003 - 8:19am
Lucky~ good questions! My responses~

•Hand-washing: after using the bathroom, working outside, before & after working with food, after changing diapers, before taking care of a wound/cut/abrasion, etc. I think that covers it. Regular soap, no anti-bacterial. Yes, I think there is such a thing as too much of a *good* thing.

•Antibiotics: for strep, yes; otherwise I wait to see if infection runs its course and is handled by a healthy immune response. Yes, i believe antibiotics are abused in some cases.

•Condoms: I've been with John since 1979, married since 1985. Only used condoms for birth control, and since tubal ligation, no. Monogmaous relationship (to the best of my knowledge ; -)

•Flu: my mother (senior citizen, lives with us) vaxes. We don't. People suspected of having the flu stay home til well.

•Homeopathic remedies: haven't had the expereince yet. But- youngest DS had a cluster of hemgiomas on his lower spine. They started at 10 dyas old & proliferated exceedingly quickly by 2 monthss old. We started using holy water from Fatima & Lourdes on them and they spontaneously involuted. His pediatrician was amazed becasue the course is almost always to proliferate for a t least a year or longer.


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Mon, 04-21-2003 - 10:47am
Yes, we wash our hands, with plain old fashioned soap, regularly.

"Do you use antibiotics? Why or why not?"

Rarely. Twice in the last 20 years, once with pneumonia after being sick for two weeks and only getting worse, and recently after getting multiple dog bite wounds. I can count on one hand (with fingers left over) how many times my 5 children have taken them in 19 years.

"How about condoms for safe sex? Lots of allergies to latex out there."

Don't use them, been married over 23 years.

"What about flu? And if you don't vax, do you at least stay home when you are sick so you won't spread it around?"

I rarely get sick, but do stay home when I do.

"Do you use homeopathic remedies?"


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Mon, 04-21-2003 - 12:45pm
See this is the reason I keep coming back here LOL. I had NO idea that washing with Anitbactierial soap did more harm then good. Here I am buying it thinking it is keeping us free from most germs and it just might be making them worse? UGH!

Well guess I am shopping tonight for the good old fashion stuff Eh? LOL

I still am not convinced that vaxing my kids is bad, YET that is MY opinion.

I have to say that I have no issue using condoms since BC pills make me sick and my sugars high, but since hubby and I have only been with eachother we really do not need to other then for BC reasons.

Antibiotics I am soooo not into taking ANY medication like that unless we really need it. I have not taken any since last June that is because when I lost Jacob I had an infection. As for my kids, MariaElena, my oldest, has not been on antibiotics since March of last year when they had strep. Lindsey of course is on Trimox right now since we have been trying to figure out her source of cough she has had for 3 months.

I would have to say that I am not into homeopathic things really. I mean I have never really looked into and do not know much about it. Might be something to look into.

I also agree with the idea that people should stay home when sick. Why get others sick is my thinking. One of the reasons I do not go to church often is because people do not stay home when the kids are sick, and seeing as how I go to Calvary churches children who can not sick quietly are not allowed to stay in the sanctuary. Needless to say I am looking for something else. I can not have Lindsey getting sick all the time.

Well Ladies, I understand that we all have our reasons for choosing to vax and not to vax. I just think that it has been so nice to be able to really talk and aske questions without being slammed all the time.

Oh yea and I am sorry about the CL thing next to my name I can not figure out why it keeps doing this to me. LOL Might have to do some cleaning out on the computer or something. LOL

Thank you again you guys for being so open minded about things on here. I have trully learned alot, and even though we think we are right I know that we are all great mothers and doing the BEST for our kids.

God Bless you all



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Mon, 04-21-2003 - 1:48pm
Interesting thread!! Here are my responses to your questions:

Ok, so, do you wash your hands?

Yes, in my home we do wash, but with regular soap not antibacterial, just regular plain old soap.

Antibiotics? There are far more deaths caused by antibiotic reactions than there are from vaccinations. Do you use antibiotics? Why or why not?

My children and I use antibiotics to treat bacterial infection if needed.

How about condoms for safe sex? Lots of allergies to latex out there.

I don't use them for no other reason than I don't need them - I am not able to get pregnant naturally. I would use them however, if I needed them.

What about flu?

My twins, DH and I all got the flu shot during the first two years of the boys life as our ped recommended it. They are now three and only my husband and I get it.

And if you don't vax, do you at least stay home when you are sick so you won't spread it around?

Although my kids are fully vaccinated and I believe in vaccinating, I do stay home and keep my kids home every time they are sick. My biggest pet peeve is people who let their sick children (even just colds!) out in public. Having twins sick at the same time is horrible, so for me this is a biggie!!

Do you use homeopathic remedies? I have in the past for illnesses/conditions that are not serious or life threatening. My son has used various remedies for his hayfever (to no avail) and when I was breastfeeding and my babies and I had a bad case of thrush, we used various homeopathic remedies to try to clear it up (again, to no avail).

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Mon, 04-21-2003 - 5:51pm
Depends on the situation (the line moves, in other words, lol!)

Do I make my kids wash their hands when they come in from outside. Sure, IF I remember before they start eating.(a small window there, let me tell you;) If not, I don't freak out. Oh well, more naturally introduced antigens for the immune development, lol!

Do we use antibacterial soaps and cleaners? Heck no. Even the AMA says not to. And we didn't before. Even having both kids at home, just made sure the house was clean and fairly tidy (keeps you busy those last weeks, since you don't know what day it will happen, lol!) and didn't worry about "germs" (any of which in our house we would be used to, as would the baby, given my anitbodies inutero and through bf)

Now, when our plumbing backed up and spewed sewage all over the bathroom (what fun at 6 am, lol!) I DID buy some disenfecting cleaner and swabbed that deck DOWN! Natch.

Not gonna use it every day, though.

Same for antibiotics; big "sewage back up",(serious bacterial infection) you bet. Otherwise, no way. Just introduces toxins into your environment/body AND breeds resistant organisms.

Bottom line, not paranoid. Just aware enough to say, "hey, you guys better wash up; you've been playing in the dirt all day! Wouldn't want to eat any more of it that you already have!" LOL!


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Tue, 04-22-2003 - 3:38pm
Kimberly that was too funny! I understand about how little time you have to remind them to wash their hands...even though mine are little I have been trying to instill that in my 3 year old. So now I do not put the dish at the table until she and I wash up together. She thinks that is funny lol.



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