Whooping cough - 7 confirmed cases, 9 more suspected

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Whooping cough - 7 confirmed cases, 9 more suspected
Fri, 12-30-2011 - 3:26pm

Four More Whooping Cough Cases at Alamance Co. School
Seven total confirmed cases, nine more suspected

It's not yet clear how whooping cough, or pertussis, got into the school, Shapley-Quinn said. However, none of the students at the school were given exemptions for vaccinations.

"A lot of people might think that the reason there's a pertussis outbreak is that children haven't been vaccinated appropriately. In fact, 100 percent of the children in B. Everettt Jordan have been vaccinated," Shapley-Quinn said.

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The vaccination needs a booster at age 12. And NO ONE ever said that any vaccination is 100% effective. The article did say that the vac is 88%. That means, on average, 12 out of 100 will come down with the disease and 88 out of 100 will not. That's good odds.

Plus, it is a vaccination that requires a booster which most adults have not gotten. I am sure you haven't, right? If you have pockets of people (i.e. adults) who are carriers and /or have a mild form of the disease they increase the probability of transference of the disease to the 12%. You can be a carrier and/or have the disease without knowing

Whopping cough is a nasty disease. It can be fatal in young infants,in the elderly and can cause brain damage.I know one un-vaccinated adult left with brain damage as a consequence of whopping cough. But the disease is not that bad in the 12% which have had the vaccination. Rest, antibiotics and lots of fluids is all that is required.

My DD contracted it when she was 12 from a classmate. She was "under the weather" for a month before it was determined what it was. Her doctor first thought she had a mild form of the flu. After she was diagnosed, she stayed home for a month (she could have gone back in 2 weeks but I keep her home longer.). I for one was happy that she had the vaccination; she would have been much sicker if she had not had the vaccination in the first place.

Everyone in the family took antibiotics for 2 weeks; no big deal.

I have had relatives who have died as a consequence of preventive diseases such as whopping cough. I have relatives who have physical disabilities because they were exposed to measles in the womb. So, no this article does not scare or concern me at all. Those of us who understand how vaccinations work understand what 88% effectiveness means.