abdominal binder question

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abdominal binder question
Fri, 03-12-2010 - 2:50pm


I am due to have my second child via c section in September. I was curious if any of you have used an abdominal binder after a c section? Did it work? What did you like or not like about it? And what brand would you suggest?



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Fri, 03-12-2010 - 3:36pm
Yes, and it helped SO much because I had to be up and around so much (nicu babies..) I just asked the hospital for one, and they hooked me up both times...it's not "standard" but if you ask for one, they'll usually get you one..I figure I spent a lot of money there, the least they could do was get me a free ab belt :)

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Mon, 03-15-2010 - 5:39pm
I have never used one, but over the years people have posted here that they like the "Belly Bandit. "