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Tue, 03-02-2004 - 5:49pm

I am going to see Dr. tomorrow and I will get him to explain the triple stitch to me again so that I don't misinform anyone...

I did have staples, but they were to hold the skin together... they were taken out a week ago and now I have the steri strips that are just as annoying!!!! After my tubal reversal the surgeon stitched me from the inside and it only left one little tie at the end.... I preferred that!!! It didn't heal up real pretty though. That's why Dr. cut away all the old scar tissue... I'm not sure if it was from getting pregnant so soon and gaining a ton of weight or if I am scarring more the older I get...

I had never heard of tearing... but leave it to my luck... and the forceps thing. I didn't know that's what they were doing until after all was said and done. DH brought her to me but before he even let me look at her he leaned in real close and told me they had to use forceps and her cheek was bruised pretty good. I would think they would cut more too... but by the time he had me cut open and scar tissue out of the way I think the clock was ticking... and when they broke my water that's when they realized how big she was. I don't think they could cut w/out risking cutting other areas at that point. All they had to go on was my first...who weighed in at 5 lbs 12 oz. Miranda was eight and her head was 13 1/2 cm around... bigger that we all expected...

SIL videotaped it and from what I can see Dr. cut me open, and after the water was broke he couldn't get her out... and they used forceps... then her shoulder got stuck and he couldn't get his hands (finger's) inside me to pull her shoulder out, and the assisting Dr. pushed my side down and you can see her shoulder give and my side rip... (thank god I couldn't feel it!!) hehehe... I think they did a terrific job though... My scar is a little longer on the left side now, but it doesn't feel any different... SIL moved right along with Miranda so I didn't actually SEE them stitch me back up... I'm not sure if they cleaned up the rip or not but I can ask him tomorrow...

Not sure if this explains anything better or not... feel free to e-mail me if you need to for more info...

Only three more months to go for you!!! keep that little one growing!!!

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Thanks Chelle! Keep me posted!
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