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Sat, 04-19-2003 - 11:48pm
Hello ladies. I really didn't have THAT bad of an experience, it was an emergancy and so everything was just scary. They took excellent care of me and I healed quickly.

My worry for #2 is the whole breastfeeding thing. With Ted, I was so out of it and groggy from the spinal that I missed out of 'the first 2 hours of life' time. I saw him, they whisked him away and then I fell asleep. He needed low blood sugar formula for the first day and bf was a nightmare. We finally got the hang of it about Day 4. I REALLY want to be more alert and be able to hold and nurse him right away. Any tips? I mean, maybe that's impossible with the spinal?



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Mon, 04-21-2003 - 1:41pm
I'm not sure a spinal should make you groggy. Was it that you'd labored a long time before? Or, I think sometimes they'll add some tranquilizers to keep you from panicking.

Ideally, after a planned c-section you should be fairly alert. (I never had one, so I'm not sure). If not, they STILL should avoid giving your child bottles if at all possible.

If they do that, it is STILL possible to breastfeed (This is where I have expertise, and why I'm posting as someone who can help you.) Persistance will get you very far. Even if they give a bottle, you can keep trying the breast. A real try isn't 3 days, it's more like 3 months. If the kid is very stubborn, you can pump to establish your milk supply & give the kid the good stuff meanwhile. Some folk recommend fingerfeeding, or spoon feeding or anything other than the bottle, with the pumped milk. A trick I eventually used was to stop warming the bottles (and always offer the breast, at every meal, preferably before.) The kid got fed well, either way, but liked the body-heat milk better.

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Mon, 04-21-2003 - 2:00pm
Hi Ellen! I never was able to truly establish breastfeeding right away after a c-section, and I had both a spinal and epidural. It didn't keep me from eventually establishing it. With both pregnancies, the milk came in much later, like around day 4, so I was harder. I'm not sure it that is me or realted to the c-section in any way. Don't worry about missing the first few hours, as long as you keep trying, it will work.

Good luck to you!