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Mon, 04-22-2013 - 1:22pm

Breastfeeding mamas- after your c-section, how long did you wait before feeding baby for the first time? Were you able to nurse your little one while in the recovery room?

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Wed, 04-24-2013 - 9:19pm

My situation was unusual, and I share it so people don't get too discouraged. My c-section baby was also premature. Not only didn't she nurse while I was in recovery, she wasn't fed for the first day. (The doctor -- I hadn't yet selected a pediatrician -- said that this was encoraged, to give her a rest before she had to digest anything). They brought me a breast pump far too early, then tried to take it away because I wasn't using it yet (um recovery, right?) . When I objected, they brought it back.  Anyhow I pumped a lot for some weeks.

With the next kid I totally did not stress about how much milk the baby got -- if the 4-lb kid could fast for a whole day, the 7 lb kid could certainly eat lightly for the first week.

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I'm pretty sure it was within a couple of hours of her birth. And she was attached to me NONSTOP during those first few days. If I took her off for any amount of time at all she would fuss and fret. I was so concerned, because with my 3 previous babies (who were all vaginal deliveries) those babies were so sleepy those first few days they had no interest at all in eating, yet this baby would not stop! LOL

My milk came in pretty in the same timeframe it had come in after my vaginal deliveries too. Really good and in by day 4, the day I left the hospital.