C-section incision bleeding

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C-section incision bleeding
Fri, 03-20-2009 - 3:55pm
Hello all. I had my second c-section a month ago. At about 2 weeks I noticed a small separation in the incision. It seems to be closing up finally but today I noticed it started to bleed some. Is this normal for the healing process or something to be concerned about?? Thanks in advance for any ideas!
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Fri, 03-20-2009 - 10:30pm
I just had my first c-section, its been healing perfectly but I do remember my doctor saying that if anything like that happened you should call the doctor.

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Sat, 03-21-2009 - 3:45pm

I've never had bleeding at my incision site - especially so late in the game. However, I do know that others have. Is it all red blood or is is weepy or sticky? Is there a lot of it?

I would probably call the doctor either way just to make sure, but certainly if you have any bad smell or "ooze" to the discharge. Those are symptoms of a possible infection.

Good luck in your healing process and congrats on your new little bundle of joy!

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Wed, 04-01-2009 - 12:49pm

Fr me it's been nearly a month and I pulled mine open yesterday and it's bleeding a bit. I'm not completely split open though. I'm using antibiotic ointment on it and my binder.

With my second I had a hole in it big enough to put a pencil and about 1/2 inch deep. They didn't do anything to it, but they did have me come in to have it looked at.

I would call them JIC.

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Mon, 04-06-2009 - 6:53pm
i had the same problem when i had my c-section it opened on both end i didnt notice it at first but when i did it was two day before my post check up i showed my doctor she told me it was not completely open and to use guazed with peroxide it took a while to actually heal up but it did