C-Section Prep

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C-Section Prep
Thu, 10-17-2013 - 12:31pm

Hi all,

I'm currently expecting my first so I've obviously never had a c-section.  However, I'm a bit of a planner and I'm thinking about all angles of delivery.  Did you do anything to prep for your c-section or did it catch you completely off guard?  In hind sight, do you wish you had been more prepared?  Is there anything I should read and/or be aware of during my pregnancy to help get me ready in case a c-section is necessary?

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Sat, 10-19-2013 - 12:38pm

I think the main thing is just being aware that it is a real possibility, and knowing what to expect for that.  I think most people just skip over those chapters in the pregnancy books they may read, or completely tune out when it's brought up in discussion, because they really assume it won't happen to them.  And they have this perfect birth plan in mind, that never included a c-section.

The way your c-section will go will depend on the reasons you are having it though, of course.   In certain emergency situations, you may be put to sleep and no one will be allowed in the O.R. for the delivery.   Most are not that extreme though, and you will still get to be awake for it and have a support person in the room with you.

If you have any specific questions about the process, I'd be happy to help answer it for you!  For me, my c-section went very well, and my recovery was great.  So, just know they aren't all bad, and you can still have a great birth experience even with a c-section.

GOOD LUCK!!  And CONGRATULATIONS!!!  Hope your pregnancy and delivery goes smooth and easy, and it ends with a beautiful, healthy, and happy baby & mom at the end!!

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Wed, 09-17-2014 - 4:22pm

I have had 2 c-sections. Both were required because I had placenta previa with both. I am currently pregnant with my 3rd and will probably have another c-section. I would say the hospital is really good about providing what the mother needs as far as socks and supplies and what not. I would say for you I would (this may be TMI) remove any and all hair down in your girly regions. If not they will have someone shave down there for you. In my case I already wax down there anyways so I didn't have to go through what some of my friends had to go through so just a heads up. Other than that just go with whatever your doctor tells you. CS were pretty easy for me. Good luck with whatever birthing process you will go through...