C-Section Vacation?

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C-Section Vacation?
Mon, 05-20-2013 - 8:07am

Our c-sections were like mini-vacations.

It was almost taboo for us to admit. Like moms who feed their babies with formula, moms who deliver via c-section experience a lot of judgment. The worst is the (often fake) pity we get because we didn’t experience a “real” birth. Such sentiments make a lot moms feel bad, or ashamed, as if they’ve failed their babies right off the bat.

For me, I get angry. My two kids got out of my body, right? Most important, they’re healthy and thriving, as am I, because c-sections were available to us. If they hadn’t been, who knows how any of us would have fared. A c-section is not the end of the world as many people act like it is.

Now I realize a c-section is a major surgery requiring anesthesia and, therefore, risks exist and the procedure shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you had a traumatic c-section, I’m sincerely sorry. My sympathies, too, if you had abad vaginal birth (I know three moms whose vaginas tore into their rectums and if that’s not traumatic, I don’t know what is). But many moms, like me, experienced successful surgeries resulting in healthy babies as well as relatively easy recoveries.

The biggest benefit to having a c-section is the extended hospital stay, which is usually three to four days compared to the 24-hour boot vaginal-delivery moms get (which is wrong, wrong, wrong and ripe for another blog post). This extra time in the hospital is where the vacation comes in. Provided there are no post-delivery complications, it is rather nice to lay in bed, snuggle with baby, read, watch TV, take mandatory naps and be served good food and lovely pain pills that send you into a deep blissful slumber.


Interesting perspective.  Did you feel this way at all?  

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