can you give birth naturally after 3 sec

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can you give birth naturally after 3 sec
Mon, 04-21-2003 - 8:29pm

I just found out that i am pregnant, i already have 2 kids and both of them were by c-section.. When i had my last child i got my tubes tied because at the time i had a good marriage.Well i got a divorce and my fiance didnt have any kids so i decided to get my tubes untied.. It was done in Feb and i got pregnant in March. My question is will i have to have another section or will i be able to have a natural birth.If there is anyone that has had multiple sections please let me know what my chances for a natural birth is..

Thanks Misty
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Mon, 04-21-2003 - 8:42pm
Usually, the rule of thumb is after 2 c-sections, you will always have to have a c-section. The risk of complications such as uterine rupture increase with each c-section. Of course, there have been some women who go into labor so quickly, they don't have time for a c-section after having 2 previously, but that is pretty rare. Ask your OB and see what they comfortably recommend for you.

Congratulations and best wishes on your pregnancy.

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Tue, 04-22-2003 - 9:00am
After my first section, my OB said it was my choice: C/S or VBAC. I chose another C/S. So, now pregnant with my third child, my doctor told me at my first prenatal visit that I would not have the choice this time (I was set on another C/S anyways).

~Tracy, 34 w with #3 and C/S on 5/22 (and getting a tubal after)

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Tue, 04-22-2003 - 12:58pm
On the VBAC board there are several people who have had vaginal births after 2 c-sections, and a few more who want to try. It will be hard, because a lot of doctors right now don't want to support ANY VBAC, let alone VBA2C. The problem is there isn't really any study saying exactly how risky VBA2C might be, or how it compares to ERCS -- the database is far too small.
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Thu, 04-24-2003 - 10:14am

I just joined the VBAC board after lurking for a while. I have had two C's and now I am trying for a VBAC with this baby (due Sept). I had to switch from my regular OB, who I was with since I was 18, to a midwife group just to have the chance to have a VBAC. I am also thinking of getting a doula to help support me during birth. The midwife told me that they feel most comfortable with me giving birth in a hospital but that is the only thing they have imposed on me. All other parts of my care have been them educating me and letting me make the choices.

Most doctors seem very against a VBAC to start with let alone one after two C's. I have read a lot of research on VBA2C's and it seems to me that although the risk of uterine rupture is higher with VBA2C's, it still seems C-sections (being major surgery and all) are as risky if not more risky. Try the VBAC board for links to info on VBA2C, including the research articles. There are also lots of books out there to help provide you with solid information so you can decide what is best for you.

I hope this helps you!

Mary Ann