Compromised my recovery??

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Compromised my recovery??
Tue, 06-02-2009 - 10:51pm

My c/s on 5/3 was awesome, and I was already walking about a mile a day the week after. External incision/scar is healed and looks great.

At my 2 week PP checkup Dr. said if I was doing that there was pretty much nothing I had to avoid. I was never told "no driving for 6 wks" or any restrictions like that. I asked about using the elliptical machine at the gym and he said go for it.

I have had a pulling feeling on the right side since I was in the hospital. They said they tension the sutures to one side when they close you and it was normal.

I get REALLY sharp pain on the right side when I sneeze, higher up than my scar. I called in about it around 3 weeks PP. Dr. on call said not to worry. I asked if I could have popped an internal stitch, she said very unlikeley.

At 4 weeks PP I went back to the gym to start using the elliptical, and over the last week and a half have built up from 20 min to 60 min.

Today I have more pain on my right side. Not enough to stop me in my tracks, but uncomfortable and more so if I bend over / with certain movements. I can't feel a lump or anything in my abdomen, but it's hard to feel anything through all the flab and numb/stingy feeling skin.

Could I have given myself a hernia or something? Or is it just normal discomfort as I continue to heal? I am posting about it rathe than being seen because I feel like I have already asked about this right sided pain / discomfort AND now I no longer have health insurance (long story!) so I really don't want to rack up a huge bill if I'm just being paranoid.

Anyone have any insight experience with this? Other than this my recovery has been great...I hate to think I may have ruined it. :(

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Fri, 06-05-2009 - 12:50am

It could just be nerve pain - I remember with my first C section I had a lot of "feeling" that lasted for about 3 months after birth. You're not that long PP - so unless your gut is telling you that it's a serious problem, I would probably wait it out for quite a bit longer before going in to be seen.