C/s Moms - infection question (TMI)

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C/s Moms - infection question (TMI)
Thu, 07-03-2003 - 8:17pm
Any one develop a sonoma (sp) after a c/s? I am bleeding from my incision and that is what my dr. called it. He had to open up the incision and now I am supposed to clean in w/ hydrogen peroxide and pack it with gauze 2X a day. The opening is HUGE ( to me) and when I pull out the gauze it bleeds (dr said this is normal) and I am barely able to repack the gauze because I am so grossed out by this whole thing. Any advice/ help?



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Wed, 07-09-2003 - 7:11pm
Hello! I have never heard of that term, but I do know that it is common to have to treat your incision in that way when it has opened. Some women even have to have a "drain" installed due to infection.

It is best to follow the doctor's orders and treat it with Hydrogen Peroxide, I wonder if it would help to use something like Neosporen (sp?) as well? Keeping it clean will reduce infection. IF you start to have a bad odor, or any sharp/hot pain in the area, I would call your doctor immediately.

Hugs to you - hope this was somewhat helpful!


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Thu, 07-10-2003 - 3:58pm
Nobody used the term "sonoma" with mine, but I got a horrible post operative infection. I was really sick (nauseous, exhausted, etc.) for a few weeks, lost 30 pounds, and my incision was hot to the touch and red, and I had a fever. Then the darn thing "burst" open and started draining this really gross tomato sauce looking stuff. Anyway, at the OBs office they pulled it open even further, stuck some long qtip looking things dipped in hydrogen peroxide in there and rammed 'em around, all without benefit of any kind of pain killer. Over the next six weeks I had to wear gauze to catch the fluid leaking out, but wasn't instructed to clean it with HP, just soap and water. And I had to take six different antibiotics over a 6 week period. I guess the reason I'm telling you this is that you should definitely listen to your dr. and do everything he tells you or yours may progress to what mine did. Trust me, you do not want to deal with it. If it bleeds when you take the gauze off, it's probably because the "scab" is sticking to the gauze. Try some neosporin to stop it from sticking. Good luck and keep that puppy clean! :) Ree
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