Does the second time hurt less?

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Does the second time hurt less?
Thu, 04-17-2003 - 3:42pm
I have heard that second c-sections do not hurt as much, is this true?

Or is just because first time c-sections are often unplanned and after an attempted vaginal deliver, and with planned seconds you are more prepared mentally?
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Thu, 04-17-2003 - 5:43pm
I have only had planned C/S, and my second was easier than my first because I knew what to expect, I think. I knew to take the anti-gas pills and knew to get up ASAP the second time around. I knew the "tugging" during the section would not hurt, etc. I was more mentally prepared.

As for pain and recovery-- I think overall things felt the same. I requested the IV in my arm instead of my hand the second time (that was the most painful part of my whole first C/S LOL). I was up and around sooner after the 2nd, and I think it helped me recover more quickly-- I mean with mobility and showering, etc. However, I was still "quite sore" for 2 weeks and a "bit" sore for another 2.


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