Gift for Dad???? (DH)

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Gift for Dad???? (DH)
Wed, 03-03-2004 - 3:06pm
I was thinking of getting my DH a gift for when the baby is born, it's his first son and it's something he's always wanted. He has a daughter with his first wife she in now 7:-)(she lives with us permantly, he has had custody since she was 6months) I have a son from my first marriage, I am very exited this is also a boy because I always wanted 2boys, and we have his daughter so thats my little girl... anywho he is very exited and I wanted to get him something.. any ideas?


ds#2 3/9/04

c/s if not sooner!!!!

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Thu, 03-04-2004 - 4:31pm
Wow you ARE getting close now!! :o)
I dunno, what are your Hs interests?

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