Had a terrible vaginal birth! Ceseaean?

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Had a terrible vaginal birth! Ceseaean?
Wed, 04-16-2003 - 2:39pm
I am new to this board and 29 weeks pregnant. I had our first child three and half years ago vaginally-after 3 days of labor, petosin, back labor--and he never did crown after 4 hours of pushing! He was taken out at 2+station with forcepts. I was just relieved it was over! But, the experience was hell for both me and my husband. I hated it!

Dr. assures me it will be easier this time. I have a small frame so I cannot deliver full term so we have the option of inducing early or have a C-section. People tell me...have a vaginal birth; it will be a better experience with the second. I have doubts. Honestly, I am in panic mode as I remember how awful it was.

Please advise. A C-section seems like a better option, but I have never had one before. I am type A personality and prefer being in control and prepared. At this point the thought of a vaginal birth makes me hysterical!

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Wed, 04-16-2003 - 6:11pm
From one type A person to another... there are so many advantages, and disadvantages to a c-section. The recovery will be difficult, you'll need lots of help at home after, it is major surgery that does not come without the risk of complication to you or your baby. Advantage would be selecting the day and time to your convenience and avoiding a difficult labor (but not necessarily avoiding a difficult recovery)

I think a second vaginal birth would be easier, and you should try not to be induced.

HOpe this helps! Best wishes to you!

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Thu, 04-17-2003 - 11:28am
I too had a rough time with a long labor and deivey and ended up having an "emergency" c-section. The next baby though was a pound heavier and it was a great easy vaginal delivery! (Go figure?)
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Thu, 04-17-2003 - 1:43pm
It would be better to discuss how to avoid what happened in a vaginal birth. Once you get a c-section, some options will be closed.

Why were you induced in the 1st place? Unless you're built very strangely (not just small) it's unlikely that the baby really was too big to come out. However, a lot of what you describe COULD have been the consequence of a bad decision to induce. (If it was just dates or size, that was probably a bad decision). Inducing early again is probably not a good idea either. A lot of VBAC stories go "I blame it all on the induction. When I just waited for labor to start, the baby was bigger, but came out easier." It sounds like you might be in the same situation, with an intact uterus. Don't waste it if you can help it.

A tactic I usually suggest is discussing a "time limit" with your doctor. It does lessen the chance of actually delivering vaginally, but any difficulties could be a lot easier to face if you know you won't go through that "multiple days of labor" scenario again.

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Thu, 04-17-2003 - 1:54pm
I had a c/s with my first, and an intense vaginal delivery with my second (stuck in transition for over 6 hours- was @ 9cm for over 4 hours with contrax on top of each other etc, baby's head didn't mold, compound presentation of baby during delivery- fist next to head and elbow sticking straight out and LOTS of tears- he was 9lb 9oz with a 15 in head), and I have to say that I preferred my vaginal delivery hands down to my c/s, even though my c/s was relatively uncomplicated and the recovery was pretty good as far as c/s recoveries go.

Having a c/s sets your body up for lots of potential problems- especially if you have more kids afterwards. There are tons of risks to c/s as well. If you're seriously considering opting for a c/s instead this time around, I'd suggest really looking into the risks and making sure you are aware of them (most doctors won't tell you the risks ahead of time). Just do a google search for cesarian risks and see what you find.

I agree that it's very likely you'll have a totally different birth experience this time around. I can understand your fear though- that's the exact way I felt about the chances of a repeat cesarian the second time around-- terrified. Each birth can be totally different, and positioning (of you and the baby) during labor/delivery has a lot to do with the size of baby you can deliver. For example, squatting opens your pelvis 20% more, and the worst position to deliver in is lying flat on your back (which is pretty close to the position you end up with an epidural or most pain medications-- and with pitocin and such many women opt for pain medication). I'd definitely skip any induction though- that ups your chances *greatly* of having a labor with interventions (such as pitocin and forceps and such) and of having an unexpected c/s. I've heard great things about hypnobirthing relaxing you and helping ease the pain/discomfort. I plan to perhaps go that route this time around ;)

Good luck with whatever you decide! I hope it's a much better birth experience for you all around!


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Thu, 04-17-2003 - 7:45pm
Hi, Thanks you for your thoughts! I was induced 10 days earlier because he was almost 7 lbs at that point and being only 5ft 1 and 100lbs, he was concerned that it would be too difficult. It was and my son barely fit! Another major problem was that he was posterior which made him more difficult to deliver as well-he was stuck and that is why forcepts were used. Other Drs would not have let me labor or push as long as I did, but Iwas insistant on a vaginal delivery. I would love to wait and let labor begin naturally, but I would probably end up in an emergency C. I don't want that.

Thanks again,


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Thu, 04-17-2003 - 8:13pm
Actually, that's the point. Your height has nothing to do with how big a baby you can birth. It's a question of how much your pelvis opens, and how much the baby's head molds. Early inductions are likely to fail, even if you contract & dilate perfectly well, because your ligaments are supposed to get real loose just before birth, and there is nothing a doctor can do to make THAT happen earlier than your body wants it to.

Nor does a posterior baby have to repeat (ask my SIL. Her second child was born quite easily, VBAC). In fact, there's a chance that if labor started on its own, especially with an intact bag of waters, the baby might have come to the right position on his own.

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Fri, 04-18-2003 - 1:32pm
I can vouch for hypnobirthing. I ended up having a c/s because DD was in distress, but I was induced at 42 weeks and went through several hours of pitocin, breaking the water and having internal monitors put in all at less than 2 cm - not easy, sorry to be so graphic, but there was an entire hand up there during contractions trying to get the monitors in the right place and with hypnobirthing techniques I was able to relax enough for them to succeed and get accurate measurement of the contractions. The nurse kept looking at the monitor and looking at me - confused at why I wasn't in agony at the strong contractions. If you practice regularly, it works really well, and came in handy during the surgery for staying relaxed and in control. I am also the type that can't stand to be out of control and self-hypnosis is the ultimate in control.