Help from Family and Friends After Delivery?

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Help from Family and Friends After Delivery?
Wed, 11-21-2012 - 10:11am

Adjusting to life with a newborn can be overwhelming. Yes, friends and family say they'll help, and a couple will bring over dinner, but most think that "helping" means holding your new baby while you sort laundry and do dishes. Many new parents find it awkward to ask for the help they really need, like walking the dog or throwing out old food from the fridge.

One Brooklyn couple had no such qualms and put their eight (very specific) requests right out there on Google Docs for all of their Facebook friends to see. One of those "friends" sent their plea for help to Gawker; endless mocking ensued. Yes, their list was rather specific, including asks like this: "Drop off a big super greek salad with grilled chicken. We will dress it ourselves at home. Or, drop off frozen homemade food like lasagna we can reheat later." And this: "Make a giant pot of vegetable soup in our kitchen and clean the kitchen completely afterwards. Then take a big garbage bag and empty every trash basket in the house. Reline the kitchen garbage can with a fresh bag."

But really, can we blame them?

Awesome or Awful? New Parents to Friends: "Here's How You Can Help Us"-

Well, that's one way to really get what you need after baby arrives!  Did you have help around the house and/or with baby after delivery?  What's the most helpful thing someone could have done for you?

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Thu, 11-22-2012 - 11:37am

A bunch of friends came over & cleaned house, which was in total disarray (after all, I still had 6 more weeks before the baby was due, and I had just taken up a portion of flooring to repair) Some weeks later, someone even came & fixed the flooring. (We won't mention how his lady-friend totally disregarded my doctor's advice on what to do about severe diaper rash) SHE was not afterwards welcomed.

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