Hematoma... infection... swimming?

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Hematoma... infection... swimming?
Sat, 06-06-2009 - 2:42pm

I have never posted here, so the intro is: I am Leigh Ann, wife to Cliff, mama to 3 year old Montgomery and his little sister Carsyn born on April 29. About 11 days post partum I had a hematoma burst through the skin and went to the doc for her to check it and she packed it and said for me to go back on Monday (first visit was on Friday). That Sunday night I noticed a funky odor and went on to the doc Monday morning, sure enough- infection. It never hurt.

Anyway, here it is almost about a month later and DH is still having to pack it for me each day. He is only able pack about half of a 2x2 gauze in there at this time (soaking it in dakins before packing). Doc said it should close about a cm each week. The wound is very shallow.

So, my question is this... should I wait until the wound is completely closed to go swimming, or would it be ok if DH soaked the gauze in dakins and re-packed it immediately after? We are going on vactation, and I REALLY want to go swimming(in a pool- not in the ocean/river/lake) with my boys, but it wouldn't be like an all day swim- maybe half an hour or so. HOWEVER, I don't want to risk a bigger infection, because when we go to the beach in July I will be SUPER bummed if I can't go swimming!

TIA for answering this (probably stupid) question!

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Sun, 06-07-2009 - 7:40am

First off--congrats on your new DD...she's cute.

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Sun, 06-07-2009 - 2:54pm

Congrats on your new little lady! She is a doll...

As for your question, I tend to agree with the PP - there are still bad things that can be in the swimming pool and I'd hate to see you have a bigger problem. Have you checked with your doctor? What did she suggest?

G/L to you and I hope you get to swim at the beach with your kiddos!!

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Sun, 06-07-2009 - 8:52pm

Thanks ladies. You pretty much told me what I 'knew', but I wanted to ask *just in case* it might be ok and I find out later it would have been ok. Unlikely, but I wanted to ask anyways :)

I will hold off- I would MUCH rather go swimming in the salt water than risk messing up my incision over some stinky pool water :)